List of New Clown Sightings Continues to Grow

The creepy clown phenomena that resurfaced recently in South Carolina has continued to spread across the United States. As media fueled talk of viral publicity campaigns die down, talk of hoaxing now takes its place. In complete disregard for documented history the media continues to ignore the fact that these exact types of creepy clown encounters have been surfacing since 1981. It is also important for the reader to note that children have been going missing from the very same areas that clowns are being sighted in, yet the media and authorities refuse to make the connection.

As widespread as the news of creepy clown sightings seems to be, there is a lot that is being left out. Law enforcement is now joining the media in downplaying, denying and covering up clown sightings to save face. As the clown phenomena spreads into the Midwest and particularly the deep south it can be expected that clown activity will be discounted if not completely ignored and unreported by police. In areas like the South and Midwest police will commonly keep incidents quiet if they believe it could make them appear incompetent in any way. While it may seem shocking to most people that clown sightings have spread to so many states as reported, the truth is that creepy clown sightings are much more widespread than we are lead to believe.

List of States Reporting Creepy Clown Sightings

States phantom clowns have been sighted in.

South Carolina – In middle August clowns are being reported harassing children and attempting to lure them into the woods. Clowns with knives threaten people and reports become widespread, quickly spreading to new areas.

North Carolina – Continuation of South Carolina. Children begin seeing clowns followed by parents. Clowns are reported trying to lure kids into the woods with candy. Many reports follow, increasing exponentially in the following days.

Georgia – Police receive hundreds of reports about clowns in a van trying to lure kids into the woods. At one point a middle school goes on lock-down due to so many creepy clown reports.

Police Department’s Facebook Statement

Mississippi – September 21st police received a call about a clown. Police Chief Kenneth Hampton investigates and sees a clown in overalls carrying a large machete near forest. The clown ran when he saw the patrol car and has not been seen since.

Police Chief to Clown; Stop it!

Maryland – Scattered reports of clowns. Children being scared.

Police Report Clown Sightings

Virginia – Reports of several clowns in wooded areas wielding weapons. No clowns were found by police.

Augusta County Sheriff Warns of Clown Sightings

Florida – Hundreds of reports of clowns near wooded areas. Children being threatened and chased. No clowns found by police yet.

Creepy Clowns Reported in Indian River County

Pennsylvania – 10th Grader fatally stabbed after struggle with a person dressed as a clown. Many reports of clowns including cars full of clowns armed with bladed weapons.

Police Looking for Person in Clown Mask After Fatal Stabbing

Clown Sightings Cause Concern

Ohio – Clowns with balloons and knives reported harassing residents,lurking in wooded areas. Women being attacked by clowns.

Creepy Clowns Reported in Tri-State Area

Tennessee – Two clowns rob a bank in Memphis with explosives. Clowns got away with the cash, Memphis police are still searching.

Clown Robs Bank in Memphis

Missouri – Various reports that I know of mostly ignored by police. Cape Girardeau and Sikeston have various clown sightings. Law enforcement avoiding the issue.

Law Enforcement Responds to Clown Rumors

Who is the guy dressing like a clown?

Clown Attacked Child

Oregon – Clown with blue teeth harassing residents. Scattered reports.

Clown Sightings in Central Oregon

California – Clown tries to snatch woman’s baby away at bus stop in Concord, Ca.

Clown Attempts to Grab Woman’s Baby

Texas – Clowns enter a man’s yard and after a warning he fires off a shot which prompts clowns to flee.

Clowns Flee After Warning Shot

Many Clown Sightings Go Unreported

Small towns all across the country are also having visits from creepy clowns but the nature of their law enforcement and local media makes it being reported virtually impossible. These small towns will go out of their way to suppress any talk of creepy clowns, because they fear it would draw ridicule to their communities. On social media talk of clown sightings in many small communities can be found by anyone willing to look. Many small local media outlets are releasing articles in cooperation with local police telling residents not to worry about creepy clowns in their area despite rumors. In press releases such as this their tactic is to make it clear that they will not take clown reports seriously.

As Halloween draws near and clown sightings spread, it will become easier for law enforcement and media to sweep the whole creepy clown fiasco under the rug. The inevitable pranksters and hoaxers will buy clown costumes this year and emerge to be touted as explanations.

Clown Sighting Arrests: Hoaxers?

A few kids have been arrested for running around in their new clown costumes from a local retail store, but these are obviously not the real culprits. Making a creepy clown profile on Facebook or running around in a cheap Halloween costume might be a dumb thing for a kid to do, but it is not organized child murder and abduction attempts. The real clowns of concern would not be teenagers because they have been around for a long time. The real creepy clowns would have to at the very least 60 years old. because they have been at this since 1981.

Phantom Clowns: A Well Documented Phenomena

Over a period of one month in 1981 these same clowns terrorized cities and towns all over the United States. Thousands of reports flooded into police departments in at least 10 cities spanning from coast to coast. In each city it always started the same,

  1. Children begin acting afraid and tell parents that clowns are bothering them. Clowns are always in a van, or coming out of the woods. Clowns nearly always have candy, money or knives.
  2. Parents do not take the children’s stories seriously until they begin to see these clowns themselves. Then many parents witness clowns trying to abduct their children.
  3. Police are bombarded with calls about clowns threatening children, but never find the culprits. The phenomena is then given an explanation like mass hysteria, hoaxers and false reports and forgotten.

The 2016 sightings that started in South Carolina are a textbook rash of the paranormal phenomena known as phantom clowns, detailed here.

What is Really Going On With the Clown Sightings?

We have established that these clown sightings are no doubt more examples of the mysterious phantom clown phenomena. The really strange part of this whole creepy clown phenomena is that it repeats itself after so long. There can be no denying that at the core of these events is something that is very dangerous and organized. Either these are some very old clowns who have suddenly decided to get back to exactly what they were doing in the 80’s, or something else entirely. There is only a couple of possibilities that I can think of.

Clown Cults

As talked about in detail within the article “South Carolina Clown Sightings: What is Really Going On?“, one possibility is that these clowns are part of some secret society, occult lodge, or cult. The repetitive tactics and elusive and widespread nature of these clown scares suggest a high level of organization, and a disturbing drive to capture children. Perhaps for human sacrifice? Despite what many people would like to tell themselves, occult society is thriving here in the USA and operates under the radar at every level.

Entropy Manifestation of Mass Hysteria

Perhaps these clowns are more a product of the energy that is currently in the air lately. The trickster archetype is hard at work right now, and the appearance of these clowns could be harbingers of a chaotic time in the near future. It is not uncommon for strange manifestations to surround a time period where energies that have been building up for a long time begin to converge and release. Maybe something is about to happen

What is The Deal With All These Clowns?

The phenomena is explored in detail in the following Smokey Mirror articles.

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Have You Seen A Creepy Clown?

If you have had a creepy clown sighting, it is likely that at this stage reporting it to the police could earn you quite a lot of ridicule and even jail time.

Help me document these clown sightings that are going unreported and tell us about you have seen. Use the comment section below or please contact me. It is important that this is documented in some form.

If you have not seen a clown , feel free to use the comment section below to tell us what you think.

More on this later.

If you know of any clown sightings not added to this list , please comment and let us know.






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