Geoengineering: Wave Anomaly Appears on Microwave Imagery

On April 21, 2016 a strange wave pattern appeared on microwave imagery that seemed to beam outward over the area of New York and into the ocean. As you can see on the map below the wave pattern had an obvious effect on the surrounding weather seeming to push the air outward causing a vortex.

The source of this wave pattern that is having an obvious effect on weather seems to be a focused directional high powered microwave transmitter of some sort. Much like something the military funded HAARP project was researching and subsequently using some years ago. HAARP was since

supposedly shut down but only after bragging of success to different media outlets like in this article where HAARP brags about creating a glowing plasma patch in the sky. Needless to say the military is not in the business of shutting down successful research programs and it is likely that HAARP research was simply passed on to a successor with even stronger equipment, more funds and shrouded in more secrecy in hopes of developing and researching applications of this technology.

This artificial ripple phenomenon is something that is becoming more and more common in the recent years and is just one example of mounting evidence that geoengineering and weather modification is a reality. Chemtrails from jets criss-cross our skies and the effects of artificial weather modification are often visible to the naked eye in the form of strange ripple clouds above us.

The military funded HAARP program was thought not only to be able to change the atmosphere and severely modify weather but also cause geological events like earthquakes using its super high powered transmitters. These strange wave phenomena have been becoming more frequent and precede things like the strange series of huge earthquakes that have struck allover the world recently. Could these earthquakes and the strange wave patterns be a result of a very active HAARP successor doing research and experiments using the planet as a lab rat?

Even though military programs like the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or HAARP are supposedly shut down due to the negative attention they have drawn it is clear that the manipulation of our planets natural weather and geological systems is more active than ever. While the signs of artificial weather modification become more and more obvious our media largely ignores it, and the consensus is to ridicule anyone who points it out as a conspiracy theorist or nut.

Geoengineering and weather modification is now and has been of extreme interest to military establishments for quite a while now and their funding of research programs is proof of that. What they

plan to do with such technology is obvious. The military is not interested in saving the planet from global warming or creating favorable weather for farmers, instead the applications would obviously be in the form of a weapon. Creating hurricanes, droughts, earthquakes and harnessing the destructive forces of our planet is their goal. Now we are seeing these wave patterns correlating with upticks of very destructive earthquakes and weather. One has to wonder how far they are willing to take this research and how destructive will the military applications be once it is fully developed. We are entering a disturbing age for humanity.

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