South Carolina Not The First to See Phantom Clowns

The recent clown sightings in Greenville, South Carolina have been all over the media lately. People are worried that creeps are dressed as clowns trying to lure their children away. Some write the clown sightings off, placing the blame on publicity stunts and viral ad campaigns. The media casts their own light on the story […]

“IT” Creator Stephen King Talks About Recent Clown Sightings

In light of the recent creepy clown sightings that seems to be spreading outward from from Greenville, South Carolina the Bangor Daily News decided to ask their resident expert on creepy clowns, Stephen King what he thinks about the phenomena. King’s 1986 novel entitled “IT” added to the already creepy air surrounding clowns for many […]

Strange ‘Rotating Island’ May be Alien Base

Researchers have discovered a perfectly circular rotating island in a perfectly circular body of water. This strange rotating island was discovered by accident by a film crew was looking for spots to film. This film crew was documenting some paranormal and UFO activity in the area. The island which appeared in some of their shots, […]

Strange Lights Streak Across Western U.S. Skies

Thousands of people in Las Vegas, Sacramento, Los Angeles and even Utah have witnessed two mysterious lights streaking across the skies side by side. This occurred on the night of the 27th and lasted about 30 seconds. Nobody really knows what these lights really are despite many news outlets reporting different sources of this phenomenon. […]

FDA Orders All Kratom be Seized in Customs

Kratom is a harmless tree leaf often used as a dietary supplement. Kratom is closely related to coffee and its effects are equally mild. Many people use Kratom as a healthier and natural alternative to dangerous pharmaceuticals and pain medications. Mitragyna Speciosa has helped many people find a rehab center and get off of dangerous pain […]

Geoengineering: Wave Anomaly Appears on Microwave Imagery

On April 21, 2016 a strange wave pattern appeared on microwave imagery that seemed to beam outward over the area of New York and into the ocean. As you can see on the map below the wave pattern had an obvious effect on the surrounding weather seeming to push the air outward causing a vortex.