Yellowstone Super Volcano Could Blow Any Day Now

Recently a large crack opened up overnight in Wyoming, not far from Yellowstone National Park and the apocalyptic super volcano that sleeps beneath it. This crack has led to a lot of speculation about this being a sign that the Yellowstone super volcano is ready to blow. The truth is that Yellowstone’s super volcano is […]

Are Local Police Spying On Your Phone?

Based on news reports and publicly available information the infographic below shows where the various 57 agencies who have purchased and use stingray cell tower mimic devices to spy on cellphone and text conversations. These agencies are spread across 22 states and undoubtedly are just a small fraction of the actual number of agencies using […]

Magic Mushrooms or Ancient Aliens?

Shrooms or Aliens? For thousands of years in cultures allover the world the magic mushroom or psilocybe cubensis has been used by humans. Ancient priests and shamans used them to commune with the other side, to heal and for divination. Now people allover the world use mushrooms for many of the same purposes. Could this […]

IRS Purchased Cellphone Listening Devices

Invoices obtained through a request under the Freedom of Information Act shows that the Internal Revenue Service made purchases in 2009 and 1012 with the Harris Corporation, manufacturer of the notorious Stingray cellphone listening devices. You can see these documents over at The Guardian. Stingray and similar devices snoop on cellphone conversations and text messages […]

UFO-Alien Abduction Still Haunts Travis Walton

Close encounters of the FOURTH kind. That’s when a person claims to have been kidnapped by a UFO and its reportedly otherworldly occupants.

Of course, there’s no tangible evidence that anyone has ever been taken aboard an extraterrestrial spacecraft. But there are those who claim they’ve been abducted, and their stories are chilling.

Time To investigate The Alien Megastructures

Recently scientists announced they had discovered a strange star in their search for habitable planets. This weird star had much more interesting things around it than a planet, huge megastructures unlike anything ever seen before that could very well be alien in origin. Read more about the possible discovery of alien megastructures here. The news […]

Multi-Source Capture Of Alien Ship! Then Seen Releasing A Small Army Of Strange Orbs Over Atlanta

Witnesses describe seeing a bizarre looking black craft, that then starting releasing some strange orbs that appeared to grow in size, as if some type of cloaking may have been taking place? After the flood of orbs were released this UFO then zooms straight up and disappears. Secureteam10 describes it as a mind blowing incident!

Strange Iridescent Cloud Seen By Thousands Over Costa Rica

A multi-colored dome shaped iridescent cloud was sighted by thousands of witnesses in the skies above Costa Rica recently, leaving residents in awe. The cloud was seen by countless witnesses in the skies above Parrita, Pavas, Escazu, Hatillo and San Jose. Many of the witnesses took photos of the strange phenomenon and posted them to […]

EPA Tells Bridgeton, MO Nuclear Waste Fire Under Control

A landfill smolders less than a football field’s distance from World War II era weapons grade nuclear waste dump in Bridgeton, Mo, After a large city council meeting where a fire official expressed concerns over the fire, residents are concerned. A Pattonville Fire District official is now saying new infrared video of the landfill shows […]