Multi-Source Capture Of Alien Ship! Then Seen Releasing A Small Army Of Strange Orbs Over Atlanta

Witnesses describe seeing a bizarre looking black craft, that then starting releasing some strange orbs that appeared to grow in size, as if some type of cloaking may have been taking place? After the flood of orbs were released this UFO then zooms straight up and disappears. Secureteam10 describes it as a mind blowing incident!

Strange Iridescent Cloud Seen By Thousands Over Costa Rica

A multi-colored dome shaped iridescent cloud was sighted by thousands of witnesses in the skies above Costa Rica recently, leaving residents in awe. The cloud was seen by countless witnesses in the skies above Parrita, Pavas, Escazu, Hatillo and San Jose. Many of the witnesses took photos of the strange phenomenon and posted them to […]

EPA Tells Bridgeton, MO Nuclear Waste Fire Under Control

A landfill smolders less than a football field’s distance from World War II era weapons grade nuclear waste dump in Bridgeton, Mo, After a large city council meeting where a fire official expressed concerns over the fire, residents are concerned. A Pattonville Fire District official is now saying new infrared video of the landfill shows […]

Thousands Witness Floating City In Sky Above China

Thousands of people witnessed what appeared to be a floating city in the clouds above Guangdong, China. Then only days later hundreds reported seeing a similar city in the sky above Jianxi, China. Similar incidents also took place in 2011. The notion that this could be something like another dimension phasing into ours allowing a glimpse of […]

Scientists Discover Possible Alien Megastructure Around Star

Scientists searching for other planets around stars using the Kepler Telescope discovered something strange when looking at a star named KIC 8462852, which had been previously identified by Kepler as a candidate for earth like planets.What scientists discovered around KIC 8462852 was much more interesting and bizarre than a planet. Tabetha Boyajian, a planet hunter at Yale commented […]

“Pale Prophet” or Ancient Alien?

The Pale Prophet who visited the Americas in the first century A.D. certainly knew how to make an entrance the people would never forget. And the full story is told in what I, as the author, believe to be an exciting new book titled “The Search for the Pale Prophet in Ancient America,” published by my associate Tim Beckley’s Global Communications. Beckley is now co-hosting, along with Tim R. Swartz, the podcast “Exploring the Bizarre” on the KCOR Digital Radio Network.