Zika Mosquitoes Linked to Bill Gates

The recent emergence of the once rare Zika virus spreading across Brazil has been linked to genetically modified mosquitoes created by a company called Oxitec which is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. Bill Gates has often expressed concern about world population and is heavily involved in and funding vaccines, weather modification and […]

Human-Animal Hybrid Chimeras Are a Reality

A recent article entitled “Human-Animal Chimeras are Gestating on U.S. Research Farms” on the MIT Technology review website claims that embryos with human cells are growing inside of sheep and pigs here in the United States. The article points out that the effort to incubate human organs in farm animals is ethically charged because it […]

12 Earthquakes In Lilbourn, Missouri On New Madrid Fault Line

Recently on the morning of Wednesday November 25th many small earthquakes were detected around Lilbourn, Mo. which sits directly on top of the New Madrid fault line. In 1811-1812 the New Madrid fault line was the epicenter of a huge series of earthquakes that struck the region. Earthquakes so powerful and destructive that it is […]

Thermal Scan Reveals Strange Heat Signature Inside Pyramid

Recently thermal scanning in the Giza pyramids of Egypt has revealed some very strange heat anomalies inside the structures. These pyramids are at least 4,500 years old and seem to be generating heat within them. Egypt’s Antiquities Minister says the higher temperatures are mostly being detected at the bottom of the pyramids with a particularly […]

Scientist Studying 5 Year Old Savant’s Telepathy

A five year old autistic savant who already does algebra, knows 7 languages and can write the periodic table from memory alone is now displaying signs of telepathy. The mother of the boy named Ramses Sanguino has made several videos demonstrating the boys uncanny ability to know numbers written out of his sight. The boy’s […]

Yellowstone Super Volcano Could Blow Any Day Now

Recently a large crack opened up overnight in Wyoming, not far from Yellowstone National Park and the apocalyptic super volcano that sleeps beneath it. This crack has led to a lot of speculation about this being a sign that the Yellowstone super volcano is ready to blow. The truth is that Yellowstone’s super volcano is […]

IRS Purchased Cellphone Listening Devices

Invoices obtained through a request under the Freedom of Information Act shows that the Internal Revenue Service made purchases in 2009 and 1012 with the Harris Corporation, manufacturer of the notorious Stingray cellphone listening devices. You can see these documents over at The Guardian. Stingray and similar devices snoop on cellphone conversations and text messages […]

Time To investigate The Alien Megastructures

Recently scientists announced they had discovered a strange star in their search for habitable planets. This weird star had much more interesting things around it than a planet, huge megastructures unlike anything ever seen before that could very well be alien in origin. Read more about the possible discovery of alien megastructures here. The news […]