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  • The Nightmare; a Sleep Paralysis Documentary

    What is Sleep Paralysis? Imagine being forced out of sleep and wide awake only to find you cannot move so much as an eyeball. A presence so strong and imposing makes it difficult or impossible for you to breathe. You see dark shadowy figures looming over you menacingly and you fear for your life or […]

  • Censorship Causing Reddit Users to Revolt

    Last January a new CEO was appointed to Reddit, Ellen Pao. Many predicted that this would lead to an inevitable policy of censorship on Reddit. Just a short time ago those predictions came true with a mass banning and censoring of certain subreddits. And from the sound of it the bans are still rolling in. […]

  • Plasma Tubes Discovered In Sky Above Earth

    Scientists have recently discovered and seen what they call plasma tubes within the magnetosphere. Scientists have theorized and believed that these tubular plasma structures or plasma tubes existed above our planet but never until now have they actually seen them. Cleo Loi of the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics said “For over 60 years, […]

  • Liquid Mercury Under Teotihuacan Pyramid

    Large quantities of liquid mercury has been discovered in a tunnel under the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent in Teotihuacan. Sergio Gomez the researcher who reported discovering the mercury under the pyramid has spent nearly 6 years excavating the newly found tunnel. Sergio Gomez speculated that perhaps he is closer now to finding a royal […]

  • Ghost Particle Proof Of Extraterrestrials According to Scientists

    A strange ghost particle is the subject of much discussion. A group of scientists and Dr Milton Wainwright from the University of Sheffield and the University of Buckingham have found a “ghost particle” about the width of a human hair that resembles a transparent deflated sack. Dr Milton Wainwright says he thinks the “ghost particle” is […]

  • Titanium Ball Oozing Biological Matter Found In Upper Atmosphere

    A very tiny titanium sphere found in earth’s stratosphere oozing a gooey biological substance is being used as a possible example of panspermia (seeding of life throughout the universe by an unknown alien civilzation) by the University of Sheffield and the University of Buckingham. The man who found the strange sphere Dr. Milton Wainwright claims the […]

  • FCC Grants Itself Power to Now Regulate The Internet

    In a power grab, non elected chairmen of the FCC recently voted to classify broadband internet as a telecommunications utility service thus putting the internet under the regulations and whims of the FCC. In a 3-2 vote the chairmen demonstrated how they did not need congress to decide on such a small issue when the […]

  • DARPA’s Memex; the “Deep Web” Search Engine

    Recently on 60 Minutes viewers were given an early look at Memex, DARPA’s new search engine. The inventor of Memex talked about how it will revolutionize law enforcement investigations. “The internet is much, much bigger than people think. By some estimates Google, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo only give us access to around 5% of the […]

  • Ukraine Nuked?

    A video that recently surfaced reportedly shows a nuclear weapon detonating in the war infested country of Ukraine. The video which was taken by a cell phone depicts a firey mushroom cloud rising into the sky. The video was shot through a window by an onlooker. The shockwave of this weapon going off shattered the […]

  • DARPA Hacks and Hijacks Car on 60 Minutes

    A 60 minutes story will feature the head of DARPA’s Information Innovation Office, Dan Kaufman. Mr. Kaufman will speak on the security of the internet and devices connected to it (“The Internet of Things”). Many things we would never think are connected to some sort of network really are. This is becoming more and more […]