DARPA Hacks and Hijacks Car on 60 Minutes

A 60 minutes story will feature the head of DARPA’s Information Innovation Office, Dan Kaufman. Mr. Kaufman will speak on the security of the internet and devices connected to it (“The Internet of Things”). Many things we would never think are connected to some sort of network really are. This is becoming more and more […]

Illinois Legal Marijuana Bills Filed

Illinois has already passed a medical marijuana bill. But red tape among other things has really kept the ball from rolling. The Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner recently announced the winners of licenses to distribute and cultivate so things may pick up pace. Find more information about marijuana on StrainSanity.com 2 other marijuana bills have […]

$400 Google Earth Pro is Now Free

Google Earth Pro, the high end version of the popular software has been made free. The pro version of google’s popular virtual globe software allows for much higher resolution bird’s eye views.This software would cost you $399 a year before this change. This change was likely made to increase functionality over competitors free software such as Apple Maps. […]