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  • Cyber Attacks Protection

    Cyber Attacks Protection

    Cyber attack often involves politically motivated information gathering. This time, it involved the DNC and its senior leaders who deliberately left classified data vulnerable to hackers. They chose not to employ the most secure protocols (such as the use of firewalls), so their systems were vulnerable to hacking, so improving the network security using NDR […]

  • IRS Purchased Cellphone Listening Devices

    Invoices obtained through a request under the Freedom of Information Act shows that the Internal Revenue Service made purchases in 2009 and 1012 with the Harris Corporation, manufacturer of the notorious Stingray cellphone listening devices. You can see these documents over at The Guardian. Stingray and similar devices snoop on cellphone conversations and text messages […]

  • Time To investigate The Alien Megastructures

    Recently scientists announced they had discovered a strange star in their search for habitable planets. This weird star had much more interesting things around it than a planet, huge megastructures unlike anything ever seen before that could very well be alien in origin. Read more about the possible discovery of alien megastructures here. The news […]

  • Mexican Policeman Attacked By A Flying Humanoid Entity

    “It was a woman…all dressed in black that fell from the tree but she didn’t touch the ground, just remained floating several feet from the ground, declared officer Leonardo Samaniego. I saw her very well and then she landed softly on the ground and stood there looking at me. She was trying to cover her face from the lights of the car, I think they were bothering her. I could see two big black eyes on her, completely black without eyelids, and her skin was dark brown. She was all dressed in black with cloak and cape like a witch and she seemed very upset by the lights.”

  • Censorship Causing Reddit Users to Revolt

    Last January a new CEO was appointed to Reddit, Ellen Pao. Many predicted that this would lead to an inevitable policy of censorship on Reddit. Just a short time ago those predictions came true with a mass banning and censoring of certain subreddits. And from the sound of it the bans are still rolling in. […]