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  • 75th anniversary of alleged UFO crash in Cape Girardeau

    75 years since the 1941 UFO crash between Sikeston and Cape Girardeau took place. The story is more than an urban legend as this news article calls it. This UFO crash was before Roswell and was also covered up by the military. Body’s were recovered.

  • Man With Sleep Paralysis Captures SHADOW PERSON Apparition

    A man that is said to suffering from a phenomenon called sleep paralysis captured something sinister while he was asleep. The camera he was using was able to capture an unusual figure that’s shadow-like hovering over him.

  • Real-Life Paranormal Experiences Are Nothing Like the Movies

    Real-life paranormal experiences aren’t what you see in TV or a movie. They’re much more subtle. What scares me are fictionalized accounts and paranormal reality shows. People talking about experiencing phenomena aren’t uncommon in gothic tales, or in modern society. With media trending toward the paranormal in TV and film, more and more people are opening themselves to sharing their own experiences. But how much of these are real, and how much is media manipulation?

  • UFO-Alien Abduction Still Haunts Travis Walton

    Close encounters of the FOURTH kind. That’s when a person claims to have been kidnapped by a UFO and its reportedly otherworldly occupants. Of course, there’s no tangible evidence that anyone has ever been taken aboard an extraterrestrial spacecraft. But there are those who claim they’ve been abducted, and their stories are chilling.

  • Mysterious UFO sightings around the world – five best

    5:16PM BST 21 Oct 2015 The existence of UFOs is of perennial debate. Whether it’s flying saucer-like objects or strange fireballs illuminating the sky, there have been thousands of unexplained sightings over the years. But what are some of the best UFO videos on the internet?

  • Multi-Source Capture Of Alien Ship! Then Seen Releasing A Small Army Of Strange Orbs Over Atlanta

    Witnesses describe seeing a bizarre looking black craft, that then starting releasing some strange orbs that appeared to grow in size, as if some type of cloaking may have been taking place? After the flood of orbs were released this UFO then zooms straight up and disappears. Secureteam10 describes it as a mind blowing incident!

  • CIA panel answers questions about UFOs at Area 51

    At a recent special event held by the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, a panel of former and current CIA employees answered questions about Area 51 and the discussion included talk about UFOs.

  • Houston witness videotapes hovering sphere UFO

    “At first I thought it was a star, but then I noticed that it was changing color,” the witness stated. “I grabbed my camcorder out of the truck and started recording. As I zoomed in, it disappeared from my viewfinder twice. The third time I tried to record I was able to record a metallic gray, spherical object in the sky.”

  • “Pale Prophet” or Ancient Alien?

    The Pale Prophet who visited the Americas in the first century A.D. certainly knew how to make an entrance the people would never forget. And the full story is told in what I, as the author, believe to be an exciting new book titled “The Search for the Pale Prophet in Ancient America,” published by my associate Tim Beckley’s Global Communications. Beckley is now co-hosting, along with Tim R. Swartz, the podcast “Exploring the Bizarre” on the KCOR Digital Radio Network.

  • ‘Alien-Like’ Skulls Excavated in Mexico

    The site, referred to as El Cementerio, contained the remains of 25 human burials. Thirteen of them had deformed skulls, which were elongate and pointy at the back, and five had mutilated teeth.