Human Sacrifice at CERN Facility?

Recently a video taken from inside a European CERN facility seemingly capturing an occult ritual human sacrifice taking place in front of the controversial “Shiva the Destroyer” statue in the main square. Many claim this is obviously a mock sacrifice and others claim this is obviously a prank. See video at bottom of article.

Many others are still expressing concern at the implications of a video like this. Since CERN’s inception there have been many scientists that warn of the potential danger of the large hadron collider

experiments destroying the world and even the universe by creating black holes or even recreation of

Shiva statue outside of CERN.
Shiva the Destroyer statue that sits in the main square of the European CERN facility.

the big bang.  When the statue of “Shiva the Destroyer” preforming the dance of perpetual destruction and creation was added to the main square of the facility, these concerns became reinforced for many.

With the recent release of this video many who believed the CERN program had occult connections felt vindicated by the release of this video.

CERN claims no knowledge of the video but confirms it was taken at their facility. Spokes people for CERN say the video is a prank and it is investigating the matter.

CERN and The Occult?

Many may wonder how a cutting edge scientific program like CERN and occult beliefs are even remotely compatible.

As it turns out, top scientists and the elite that fund their research are no strangers to shadowy occult

Jack Parsons; Black Magician and Rocket Scientist.
Jack Parsons; Rocket Scientist and member of the occult lodge Ordo Templi Orientis.

circles and mystic belief systems. Many top scientists have been found to be involved heavily in the occult, and even more mega rich elitists. In fact one of our top rocket scientists and founders of the Jet Propulsion Lab and Aerojet Engineering Corporation, Jack Parsons was a very open practitioner of black magic that attempted to summon demons and make contact with otherworldly realms in his spare time.

The stated purpose of CERN is to unlock secrets to the origins of man and the universe he lives in by identifying particular particles, and they also expect to learn about other dimensions. However, many claim this stated purpose is only a half-truth. Those critical of the program point to the warnings many reputable scientists have issued about the inherent dangers CERN poses to our world and even universe as evidence of the occult driven madness behind the program.

Another theory about the true purpose of CERN is that they indeed plan to do more than simply learn about other dimensions. Many believe that the super expensive project is funded by elites that hope to open doorways to other dimensions and make contact with intelligences that reside in them. Much as less secretive scientists like Jack Parsons was trying to summon demons, so to CERN wants to open doorways to bring them and their knowledge into this world. This may seem ridiculous to some but the fact remains that beliefs in other worldly intelligences such as demons are widespread and commonly held among the elite, perhaps they have an insight we do not know about?

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