Human-Animal Hybrid Chimeras Are a Reality

A recent article entitled “Human-Animal Chimeras are Gestating on U.S. Research Farms” on the MIT Technology review website claims that embryos with human cells are growing inside of sheep and pigs here in the United States. The article points out that the effort to incubate human organs in farm animals is ethically charged because it involves adding human cells to animal embryos in ways that could blur the lines between species.

This news comes as no shock today as similar stories have surfaced over the past 20 years. For instance in 2003 a story surfaced that Chinese scientists were growing rabbit-human hybrid fetuses in laboratories. According to the news release the vast majority of the DNA in the fetuses was human with a small percentage of the DNA called mitochondrial DNA, being rabbit. Human DNA growing inside of a rabbits egg.

glowing cat
Genetically modified glowing cat crossed with jellyfish genes.

Genetically modified organisms are now common. GMO crops infest our food allover the shelves, some of them genetic chimeras crossed with things like viruses to create defense against insects. Scientists have also made genetic abominations such as goats with spider genes that produce silk in their milk and cats with jellyfish genes that make them glow in the dark.

Some of these transgenic chimeras have even been released into the wild by  their creators. Genetically engineered salmon that have insect genes were haphazardly released into the oceans. The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation that is known for its obsession with population control has released GMO mosquitoes in Florida and Brazil. The recent outbreaks of things like the weaponized Zika virus are likely the results of releases like this but you do not hear those sorts of questions being asked by the media.


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The Reality of Human-Animal Chimeras

We know from experience that if these sorts of experiments are emerging in mainstream news that it is likely only the tip of the iceberg of what is actually going on. When scientists are openly doing genetic experiments like this there should be absolutely no doubt that entities like DARPA are hard at work doing similar and more advanced research to weaponize this dangerous technology.

hqdefaultThe military has openly expressed its desire to use genetic engineering to create super soldiers, humans with super strength and reflexes that lack remorse and fear. NASA has expressed its own desire to use technology like this for creating genetically engineered humans designed to live in space for long periods of time. It is a sure bet that entities such as these are already neck deep in genetic experimentation, succeeding in things we could hardly imagine. Do you doubt that they have already created and successfully gestated fully grown animal-human chimeras?

Strange creature sightings such as the chupacabra sometimes originate near military biological research facilities. Whether or not these sightings are some sort of biological experiment gone awry or just local myth is not really the point. The real point is that these sorts of creatures of our nightmares have become a possibility and likely a reality. There is no telling what is already running rampant among us because of research like this.

The obvious dangers of weaponized super viruses and bacteria detrimental to mankind is just the beginning. When sentient human-animal hybrids come to term and beyond the implications are truly hellish. What rights would these creatures have? Would they be property of whatever corporation or organization who created them? What would a creature like this have to say to us after we created them?

What has this technology already done? And what will this technology do to us as a species? Will all the lines between species begin to blur? We undoubtedly approach an uncanny age resembling mythology.






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