CIA Releases “X-Files”

Recently the CIA has released hundreds of declassified documents involving investigations into alien life and UFOs.  Most of the documents range from the 1940s to 1960s.

The documents are split into two categories “Mulder” for those who “want to believe” and “Scully” for the skeptics.

Check out the CIA Blog post.

declassified UFO pictures
Some photos from the recently declassified CIA “X-Files”

While some of the documents are definitely interesting and any declassification of government documents involving UFOs and alien investigation is welcome, this release is a far cry from full disclosure. More of a publicity stunt than anything these releases of documents are meant to quell interest drummed up by shows like The X-Files which just recently came back in its 10th season and is becoming wildly popular again.

It is my belief we have yet to see the really telling documents and information the government has. It is likely to sit on anything in the way of hard proof for a very long time if not forever, in the interest of maintaining the less than serious view the majority of people have about the reality of UFOs. Releasing real concrete evidence of UFOs or extraterrestrials would threaten the establishments monopoly on power and technology so it is likely we will never know the full truth. Nevertheless the truth is out there.






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