Clown Attempts to Grab Baby From Mother

Another creepy clown sighting gone wrong on Wednesday in Concord California. A mother holding her baby approached a bus stop where a clown was sitting on the bench. The mother did not think much of the clown and sat down next to him. The clown gave a friendly smile to the mother and began playing with the child.

Suddenly and out of nowhere the creepy clown grabbed the child’s left arm and tried to snatch it away from the mother. The mother kept hold of the 1 year old and kicked the clown who began to flee. The clown also fled. When the woman reached safety she was able to contact 911 who dispatched police to search for the clown, but nobody has been arrested yet.

The clown was wearing a rainbow colored suit and had blue hair according to the woman. If you see a clown it is advisable you and your children stay clear.

Hoaxers will no doubt be hard at work trying to scare people as real phantom creepy clown sightings continue to spread. Hoaxers are just joking while the real creepy clowns are no doubt out for child abduction. The possibility of a clown cult terrorizing the United States becomes more and more plausible.

In Texas a man warned 2 clowns who had entered his yard to leave, when they refused the man fired a shot off and the clowns fled. No arrests have been made.

Man fires gun at clowns.

What is The Deal With All These Clowns?

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