Creepy Radar Image of Hurricane Matthew Looks Demonic

This radar image of Hurricane Matthew looks particularly demonic and skull like. This image was taken
on October 4th before Hurricane Matthew started moving toward South Florida. This category 4 Hurricane is expected to make landfall later tonight and it is estimated that over 2 million people are
evacuating the area to stay out of this demon’s way.

For those of you that think this is fake, it is not and you can confirm that here .

The demonic look of this radar image is a creepy prelude of what it threatens to bring to the South Florida area. Maybe it is just a case of pareidolia or the universes way of telling us there is something more to what is happening than just chance.

With recent world events going haywire, phantom clown sightings and everything else one has to wonder if there is some sort of energy building up to some event in the near future. Depends on how you look at things I suppose. But for anyone who looks for signs of things to come, there is no shortage of those right now.

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew is expected to make landfall in South Florida late this evening. This demon of a storm has already taken 102 peoples lives as it tore through The Dominican Republic and Haiti on Tuesday. Hurricane Matthew has been made category 4 with sustained winds of up to 140mph. National Weather Service has said that loss of life and immense human suffering is very possible. Up to 7 million people could be left without power. Governor of Florida has already warned that the storm is going to kill people.





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  1. J Nullit Mirror Avatar

    Wow, that is seriously creepy. If you are in Florida… get the hell out!

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