EPA Tells Bridgeton, MO Nuclear Waste Fire Under Control

A landfill smolders less than a football field’s distance from World War II era weapons grade nuclear waste dump in Bridgeton, Mo, After a large city council meeting where a fire official expressed concerns over the fire, residents are concerned.

A Pattonville Fire District official is now saying new infrared video of the landfill shows the fire appears to be spreading. The official says the heat signature is well beyond the last line of gas interceptor wells intended to keep the fire south of the quarry where the nuclear waste is. He commented saying:

“I’m not saying there is a fire in the north quarry, but there’s definitely heat there, and it has to be coming from somewhere.”

Those concerned that the heat could be coming from burning toxic waste such as thorium and uranium

Fat Man
“Fat Man” The World War II era nuclear weapon used on Nagasaki

were reassured by the EPA, who called the reports on the possible nuclear waste fire “not helpful”. The EPA also says that there is no imminent danger and that fire is under control.

Read more about it in this St.Lous Post Dispatch Article.

If nuclear waste were burning in Bridgeton, it would disperse nuclear waste like thorium and uranium. This type of situation would be very dangerous and an evacuation would be in order.

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