Geological Activity Linked to Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis is something that has been plaguing mankind throughout his existence. Sleep Paralysis, Is a condition where people find themselves unable to move or perform any voluntary action either right before falling asleep, or right after waking up. The worst form, Hallucinatory Sleep Paralysis, is often accompanied by horrible hallucinations, feelings of intense terror and a malevolent presence.

What sets Hallucinatory Sleep Paralysis apart from other more common sleep disorders aside from its particularly disturbing effects is the fact it often occurs geographically in isolated time periods, like an epidemic. Reports of frightening attacks of Sleep Paralysis will often flood in all at once in a certain location, where there had been none before. Studies show these epidemics of Sleep Paralysis can last as long as four years, but most commonly only a few months. Sleep Paralysis also seems to be hereditary, it commonly runs in families through many generations. These are all things science has not yet been able to explain, perhaps until now. Improve your sleep with the latest Snoozel Green products and take a new mattress home!

Recent studies have shown that reports of Sleep Paralysis, and Sleep Paralysis legends are more common in geographical hot spots such as Mexico City and all through-out the Pacific Ring of Fire, even the Hawaiian Islands are crawling with legends of Choking Ghosts. What most of these Sleep Paralysis hot spots have in common is geophysical activity, volcanoes, fault lines and the like. Evidence is becoming more and more convincing that Sleep Paralysis and some other paranormal activity seems to coincide with the geophysical conditions of an area.

In fact, a lot of research has been suggesting that certain geomagnetic conditions most often created in places with irregular geophysical conditions, directly correlate with reports of paranormal occurrences including Sleep Paralysis. The presence of certain types of stone such as limestone and quartz also seems to correlate with some paranormal phenomena.

Contrary to what scientists are saying, this is not proof that paranormal events can be explained away due to hallucinations caused by geomagnetic disturbances. Instead these findings may eventually point to geological anomalies creating the conditions that facilitate and attract strange phenomena.

The excess energy in the air when electromagnetic fields are strong could attract parasitic entities that feed on this energy or use it. These same entities would likely be able to feed on our own energetic fields, perhaps while we sleep Paranormal investigators have long been plagued by fully charged batteries going completely dead in particularly active spots. High levels of EMF have also been widely accepted as indicators of a paranormal presence.

Low frequency sounds below 20 hertz and out of the range of human hearing are called infrasound. Infrasonic waves do not behave like normal sound, they can travel vast distances and resonate in one area for long periods of time. Sources of infrasound can be geological events, waves hitting the beach, or even cars on a bridge etc .

A scientist saw an apparition once upon entering his laboratory, that was located in a basement. In his skepticism he searched for a cause, and discovered there was infrasound resonating in the basement. Being a fencer, the scientist had his foil in a vice to unbend it. As it turns out the bent foil under the pressure of the vice was generating infrasound and the scientist believed it was the cause. The scientist set up an experiment and was able to reproduce the phenomena under controlled conditions. Infrasonic waves such as those that could that could be generated by underground geological events among other things particularly at 12 hertz can cause feelings of terror and hallucinations.

Could events like those that plagued Point Pleasant, West Virginia be the prophetic hallucinatory side effects of infrasonic vibrations emitted from bridge ready to collapse? Interesting thought but it is doubtful considering all the different manner of other phenomena described by Keel at the time. And this is usually the case with such phenomena, where it is quite apparent that no simple or single explanation will do.






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