Ghost Particle Proof Of Extraterrestrials According to Scientists

A strange ghost particle is the subject of much discussion. A group of scientists and Dr Milton Wainwright from the University of Sheffield and the University of Buckingham have found a “ghost particle” about the width of a human hair that resembles a transparent deflated sack. Dr Milton Wainwright says he thinks the “ghost particle” is a living balloon that once carried extraterrestrial life inside of it. He believes this extraterrestrial organism or “ghost particle” probably uses the sack to float in unknown environment by filling it with gasses.

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Here is the actual ghost particle:

ghost particle
The Ghost Particle found by Dr Milton Wainwright and his team.

Dr Milton Wainwright’s Conclusion On The “Ghost Particle”

Dr Milton Wainwright appears to be certain that this ghost particle sack did not come from Earth. In fact he thinks it may have come from a comet.

Is there some type of extraterrestrial organism that hitches rides on meteors and comets using a ghost particle sack for protection on entering the atmosphere? Dr Milton Wainwright’s recent findings suggest that it is very possible.

Are there alien creatures among us shedding their ghost particles like Dr Milton Wainwright claims? And if so I wonder if they are just weird little animals floating around by their biological means of inflation and deflation of ghost particle sacks. Perhaps the ghost particle riders are sentient and intelligent creatures or just the biological tools of another.

It is possible that we like the ghost particle, all are just the biological tools of some super sentient race of jaded thinkers who’s thirst for knowledge has long ago left them bored and mentally stagnant. Maybe now these dis-functional alien gods have let all the high powered substance abuse and long space flights get to their brain.

Perhaps the ghost particle sewing aliens are struggling with the idea of their own existence after having completely over examined it and have now become self styled Johnny Appleseeds with psychosis inducing ghost particles in a last ditch effort to bring purpose to their lives.

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