Another Illuminati Card Predicting Trump Assassination?

The notorious 1994 Illuminati card game could be predicting yet another huge historical event. One of the cards entitled “Enough is Enough” depicts a face with a striking resemblance to Trump, with a bullet whizzing by it. The quote at the bottom of the card says:

“At any time, at any place, our snipers can drop you. Have a nice day.”

As you can see in the overlay comparison the face on the card does possess an uncanny resemblance to Donald Trump with that trademark expression. The title of the card “Enough is Enough” reminds me

of when  establishment candidates Jeb Bush and Chris Christie shouted “ENOUGH!” at Trump almost in unison.

This card definitely has that eerie feel to it. The faces are identical and the quote on the bottom of the card says it all. Is the Illuminati card game really becoming some kind of weird oracle for the events that will lead to the emergence of the New World Order?

The Elites and Trump

Donald Trump has been known as the non-establishment candidate of the presidential race. Breaking the taboos of the elite and making it quite clear he is going after globalism. He is going up against Hillary Clinton which is in itself a very dangerous road to walk. Countless people have it out for Trump, and the elite see him as the biggest threat to their existence. Is this card predicting the shadow government will assassinate Trump when “enough is enough”?

We should keep in mind this is more than just a card game.

Illuminati Card Game Predicted World Trade Center Attacks

The strange and prophetic 1994 Illuminati Card Game is known for the accurate glimpses it seems to give into the future. One of the most well known anomalies in the Illuminati card game is the “Terrorist Nuke” card which seems to depict the World Trade Center attack on 9/11 with disturbing accuracy.The Pentagon card also depicts a bomb going off in the middle of it, going right along with the Terrorist Nuke Card.

The Illuminati card game was created by Steve Jackson, once a victim of MK ULTRA mind control experiments. MK ULTRA was a CIA program to explore mind control and psychic phenomena. Jackson was actually raided by the Secret Service after releasing the game for copyright violation but the charges did not stick. Some say the Secret Service was upset with him for reasons other than Copyright Law.  Was this game a coded message detailing the things Steve knew that we do not?

Read more about Illuminati card’s here 1995 Illuminati card predict World Trade Center attack on 9/11.






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