Liquid Mercury Under Teotihuacan Pyramid

Large quantities of liquid mercury has been discovered in a tunnel under the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent in Teotihuacan. Sergio Gomez the researcher who reported discovering the mercury under the pyramid has spent nearly 6 years excavating the newly found tunnel. Sergio Gomez speculated that perhaps he is closer now to finding a royal tomb, something yet to have been found there.

Annabeth Headreck, a professor at the University of Denver says that the mercury may have symbolized an underworld lake or river. The ancient mesoamericans extracted their bright red dyes from cinnabar and likely got the mercury by heating it. The ancient mesoamericans used mirrors for divination and to see into the other worlds so they probably valued mercury due to its reflective properties. As in many other parts of the world it is likely mercury was used by the ancient mesoamericans for ritual and divination purposes.

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It is interesting to note that one of the mysterious pyramids in china has long been rumored to have a recreation of the rivers and sea in mercury under it and that there are machines that ensure it keeps flowing. Did these strange pyramid building cultures know something that we do not?

Mercury has very interesting properties and has long been the focus of philosophers, alchemists, scientists and sorcerers fascination. The alchemists thought of mercury as being the original state of matter and the Chinese thought it held the secrets of immortality.Today NASA believes it has the power to revolutionize space travel and they are working on a new mercury vortex engine.

Could it be possible that these pyramids were not tombs at all but some sort of generator making use of mercury? I wonder if we will hear about these finds again.

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