Magic Mushrooms or Ancient Aliens?

Shrooms or Aliens?

For thousands of years in cultures allover the world the magic mushroom or psilocybe cubensis has been used by humans. Ancient priests and shamans used them to commune with the other side, to heal and for divination. Now people allover the world use mushrooms for many of the same purposes.

Could this age old sacrament actually be connecting people into some sort of deeper external consciousness as people have believed for thousands of years? And if so, is it possible that this sacred mind altering fungus is an extraterrestrial intelligence from elsewhere? Terence Mckenna, an ethnobotanist commented on this question saying

Intelligence, not life, but intelligence may have come here in this spore-bearing life form. This is a more radical version of the panspermia theory of Crick and Ponampurama. In fact I think that theory will probably be vindicated. I think in a hundred years if people do biology they will think it quite silly that people once thought that spores could not be blown from one star system to another by cosmic radiation pressure. As far as the role of the psilocybin mushroom, or its relationship to us and to intelligence, this is something that we need to consider.

Terence Mckenna

Psilocybe Cubensis or “Magic Mushrooms”

Psychadelic mushrooms like Psilocybe cubensis or “shrooms” have been a part of human culture from the beginning. These mushrooms have been depicted in prehistoric cave paintings and rock art found allover the world. Cubensis were sacred even to primitive forms of humans like the neanderthals.

Many anthropologists believe that psychadelic mushrooms and cacti played an integral role in the evolution of human language and possibly the species itself. Our capability to express ourselves and creative nature is possibly a result of our ape ancestors eating mushrooms and progressively getting weird in the forest somewhere. We may owe the development of our complex psychology to entheogens like cubensis.

In mesoamerican cultures the psilocybe mushroom was known by names like divine mushroom, or the genius mushroom. It was believed magic mushrooms acted as a means of communication with the spirit world and the divine. These traditions recognized that magic mushrooms did more than just cause hallucinations, but put those who ingested them in contact with a deeper external consciousness that real wisdom and knowledge could be obtained from.

Even today psilocybin is being used by millions of people for spiritual and healing purposes. The Multi Disciplinary Association of Psychadelic Studies is even doing scientific experiments using psilocybin to treat addiction and as a medication to help critically ill people come to terms with death, learn more from experts at So far psilocybin is proving to be very promising for these sorts of applications.

Intelligent Fungi?

Are psychadelic mushrooms conscious as people throughout the ages and even today believe? Many

people that take magic mushrooms believe there is some sort of communication and exchange of information between them and the mushroom itself. New perspectives and personal insight open up to them as intricate and colorful living geometric patterns dance across reality pulsing with light. Life changing revelations and new self awareness emerges out of a beautiful ever evolving spectrum of psychadelic information barraging all the senses.

All this information can be overwhelming to some. as it tends to come much faster than the mind can fully process. This barrage of information and new introspection can also be difficult for someone who find seeing things in this different light disturbing and hard to accept.

Regardless of how the information is processed by the psychonaut there seems to be an abundance of it. The information seems very external and alien to the psychonaut. If this information is coming from their own minds it is being released from some deep corner of it human beings do not normally have access to.

One explanation for where all this extra information could be originating is that it really is external information that our minds are always processing in the background. Our brains are receiving stimulus from myriads of different signals and sources every millisecond. Our normal awareness is just a condensed form of what we are really perceiving. The brain takes all this information and normally condenses it by prioritizing the most obvious and discarding much of what the mind typically deems useless. If our brain did not work this way we would likely spend much of the day staring at our reflections in the creek or the texture of a cave wall and not do much along the lines of surviving. So it makes sense that we evolved this way.

It is possible the psilocybe mushrooms evolved their ability to interface with animal consciousness to

give them a unique look at all the information their brains typically disregard. The mushroom can inspire higher thought and evolution. Perhaps this ability to alter the mundane survival oriented nature of animal consciousness is really a symbiotic relationship between the mushroom and animal. The mushroom has evolved this latent consciousness that needs the nervous system of an animal to awaken from it’s dormant state.

But why would the mushroom evolve this ability? Scientists cannot find any good reason this mushroom produces psilocybin and psilocin. A mushroom produces spores that are basically seeds to grow more mushrooms. Perhaps this ability to form a symbiotic state of consciousness simply started as a way to move spores around. If the mushroom provides something valuable to animals and inspires them to be intelligent enough to cultivate it, then the animals value the mushroom and take it everywhere with them and propagate it. This would mean the mushroom produces psilocin and psilocybin to ensure survival and spread as far and wide as it can.

it is possible the mushroom originated somewhere else in the universe forming symbiotic relationships with other species. Species allover the universe may find common ground in this higher cosciousness symbiotically obtained from the same mushrooms. Maybe these alien species leave behind spores allover the universe, or perhaps the spores traverse space themselves.

Mushrooms In Space

So could mushrooms have traveled through space and ended up here on earth? Mushrooms could easily grow on any of the 40 million potentially habitable planets that are estimated to be in the Milky Way galaxy alone based on cutting edge Kepler data.

It is feasible that mushroom spores can survive the harsh trials of deep space. Their shells are as strong as steel. Recently traces of maritime life was even found on the outside of the International Space Station. Bacterial and fungal life could very well be making interstellar journeys from planet to planet.’

When the subject of ancient aliens comes up many of us think of greys in flying saucers. Perhaps the real ancient aliens have been staring us in the face this whole time.

Maybe aliens brought this fungi who’s DNA is encoded with a blueprint to a higher state of

consciousness here. Perhaps this symbiotic fungi traveled here on its own, along the winds of cosmic radiation.

No matter how psilocybe mushrooms came to be, there is no doubt about the integral role they have played in our culture and evolution.






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