Astronomers have detected another set of fast radio bursts ( FRBs ) from a distant galaxy. This makes for the second time in history fast radio bursts have been detected from deep space. Scientists have no explanations or possible natural sources for these radio bursts and cannot rule out alien civilizations. In fact scientists have marked alien civilizations as a possibility.

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“Fast radio bursts are exceedingly bright given their short duration and origin at great distances, and we haven’t identified a possible natural source with any confidence,”

“An artificial origin is worth contemplating and checking.


Scientists say that these millisecond long radio pulses are generated by extremely powerful transmitters ( think planet sized ) and emanate from billions of light years outside of our galaxy. If these radio bursts are in fact from an alien civilization, it would mean that it was a highly advanced one with capabilities far beyond our own.

These FRBs are special because they are repeaters. This means the signal is not just a single random burst, but a burst that is repeated several times. The repeater element helps lend to the theory that it could come from a highly advanced alien civilization.

The newest set of FRBs were at extremely low radio frequencies compared to the others. Most of the previous FRBs were at around 1400MHz. But these new bursts fell within a range below 800MHz and some registered at 400MHz, which is the lowest frequency the Chime telescope can detect. Interesting.

Newly published research suggests these bursts could be evidence of alien technology from planet sized transmitters powering probes to distant galaxies. The amount of power involved would be enough to push a light-sail propelled craft across intergalactic distances very quickly


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