$400 Google Earth Pro is Now Free

Google Earth Pro, the high end version of the popular software has been made free. The pro version of google’s popular virtual globe software allows for much higher resolution bird’s eye views.This software would cost you $399 a year before this change. This change was likely made to increase functionality over competitors free software such as Apple Maps.

You can sign up for your own free Google Earth Pro key by going here. You can also simply just download the Google Earth Pro installer and use the License Key “GEPFREE” and use the software free.

The free version of Google Earth had a maximum print resolution of 1000 pixels. The upgrade to Google Earth Pro vastly improves print resolution with a maximum of 4800 pixels. This means images taken with Google Earth Pro will be much better quality.

Those who like to make their own movies and Youtube videos will be happy to learn that Google Earth Pro opens up the movie making capabilities of the software. The capability to do high definition fly by shots and overheads never possible otherwise are now at your fingertips.

Users also have access now to all the 3D buildings and landscapes available with Google Earth Pro. The pro version also has some advanced measurement tools and demographic information. Compare all features here.







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