Plasma Tubes Discovered In Sky Above Earth

Scientists have recently discovered and seen what they call plasma tubes within the magnetosphere. Scientists have theorized and believed that these tubular plasma structures or plasma tubes existed above our planet but never until now have they actually seen them. Cleo Loi of the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics said

“For over 60 years, scientists believed these structures existed but by imaging them for the first time, we’ve provided visual evidence that they are really there,”

“The discovery of the structures is important because they cause unwanted signal distortions that could, as one example, affect our civilian and military satellite-based navigation systems. So we need to understand them.”

The magnetosphere is filled with particles ionized by sunlight. The magnetosphere is said to contain many strangely shaped plasma structures such as the  plasma tubes.

Very little is known about these mysterious flying plasma tubes, however they are explained furhter in this youtube video.

What is Plasma?

solar flare









Plasma is one of the fundamental states of matter. Liquids, solid and gas are the 3 states of matter we are familiar with.

Plasma is electrically conductive so that it responds strongly to electromagnetic fields. Like gas, plasma does not have a consistent shape or a definite volume unless put in a container. Unlike gas, under the influence of a magnetic field, it may form strange structures such as these plasma tubes.

Plasma Life Forms?


Scientists who have studied plasma have noted that inorganic dust particles within it begin to form helical structures much like dna. Some plasma particles even organize themselves in a way that they are able to reproduce,eat and even communicate thus matching the criteria to qualify as a life form. Laboratory generated plasma balls were said to behave as if they were alive by some scientists. It is even a theory of many scientists that plasma could be in fact a requirement for life to form in the first place.

Magnetic and atmospheric anomalies are often associated with earthquakes. As laid out in another article on this website ( Strange Events During The New Madrid Earthquakes of 1812 ) strange lights were witnessed by many people before the great New Madrid earthquake of 1812. Later in the 70’s UFO reports of lights, UFOs, and strange orange orbs began to roll in again by thousands.

During this second wave a proffessor of physics Dr. Harvey Rhutledge began making observations of the UFOs and lights that led him to a startling conclusion, that the orbs were not only alive but highly intelligent and interactive. Rhutledge even claimed one of these orbs followed him inside of a building. Dr. Rhutledge thought it was likely that this phenomena was not the work of extraterrestrials at all but native plasma based life forms we understand very little about.

Is it possible that these new discoveries of plasma tubes could end up being the first step to what is actually the discovery of not only a new form of life but a new form of existence?

flying serpent ufo
One of the flying serpent UFOs recnelt reported.

Could this sort of thing account for all the recent reports of “flying serpent” UFOs seen around the world? Are these lvessels, lifeforms, hallucinations or just natural phenomena?











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