Scientist Studying 5 Year Old Savant’s Telepathy

A five year old autistic savant who already does algebra, knows 7 languages and can write the periodic table from memory alone is now displaying signs of telepathy. The mother of the boy named Ramses Sanguino has made several videos demonstrating the boys uncanny ability to know numbers written out of his sight. The boy’s mother claims he can correctly guess up to 38 one and two digit numbers so far.

This claim and the videos has attracted the attention of a neuroscientist from John Hopkins, Dr. Powell. Dr. Powell says she has seen signs of telepathy in many different people. The neuroscientist recently paid Ramses Sanguino a visit for initial testing of his telepathy. Dr. Powell says that so far Ramses has guessed 16 out of 17 randomly generated numbers in a row, and she believes this may improve once Ramses gets to know her and feels more comfortable which may be a big factor.

Check out the video below.

Is this young psychic savant a hint at where evolution is taking our species? What could scientifically proven telepathy mean for science?

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