Scientists Discover Possible Alien Megastructure Around Star

Scientists searching for other planets around stars using the Kepler Telescope discovered something strange when looking at a star named KIC 8462852, which had been previously identified by Kepler as a candidate for earth like planets.What scientists discovered around KIC 8462852 was much more interesting and bizarre than a planet.

Tabetha Boyajian, a planet hunter at Yale commented

“We’d never seen anything like this star. It was really weird. We thought it might be bad data or movement on the spacecraft, but everything checked out.”

The light signals given off by KIC 8462852 were consistent with swarms of megastructures around the star. These megastructures are very strange, and they could very well be an advanced civilization harvesting the energy of the star. Much like a “Dyson Sphere”, a theoretical method of harvesting energy advanced civilizations may use.

KIC 8462852 and companion star.
KIC 8462852 and companion star.

The Planet Hunters Project recently published a paper exploring possible natural explanations for this anomaly. The paper concludes that most natural explanations just do not add up. Even planets crashing into each other and kicking up dust could come nowhere near explaining this extreme amount of coverage.

Alien Power Plants

When civilizations become highly advanced it is likely they would need large amounts of energy. One of the greatest sources of energy in our universe are stars. It stands to reason that a highly advanced civilization would turn to stars as a source of energy. So the megastructures around KIC 8462852 being artificial alien energy harvesters remains a viable theory on where this stars light goes.

Perhaps these megastructures are some advanced alien civilization collecting around this star and harnessing its energy to support populations on a scale unimaginable to us. Maybe what we are seeing is some sort of massive alien metropolis, or just some backwater town.

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It is possible that there are lifeforms biological, artificial, plasma based or otherwise, that exist and thrive in space. These lifeforms could exist on a massive scale and feed directly on the sustenance a star’s energy could provide.

Starivores swarming around a star in a feeding frenzy could explain what we see happening on KIC 8462852. Perhaps this star is some sort of breeding grounds for far roaming star eaters, or just another nest in the forest

The truth is we know very little, and as much as we speculate the answer is likely to be something we lack words for.












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