Shadow People; What are they?

What are Shadow People?

Shadows, Silhouettes and Other Veiled Figures

by Rev. Ronald S. Eppich

Quite simply, Shadow People (or ‘Ghosts’) are beings or entities that are at a different frequency level than we are. In this ‘grid existence’ (or universe) we live in, there are separate dimensions, and within each dimension are separate parallel existences, ranging from being very similar to ours in frequency or vibration to being so different from us that the vibrational differences would tear us apart. Most Shadow People are in one of the parallel existences very close to us vibrationally, such that a ‘shadow’ of them can be seen in this existence, like being seen through a very thin veil of material. These existences are very easily accessed, and include the lower astral planes, as well as the location deceased spirits exist in before leaving this dimension. Shadow people could be one of many things.

Shadow People: Location Specific Ghosts

Most “Ghosts” are location specific. That is to say, they seem to be attached to a particular place or person, such as a young child or object. Usually, a place that is “haunted” is well known among the local residents, with some places achieving a much broader recognition.

Since most Ghosts are location specific, you can significantly reduce your probability of contact with these individuals by being aware of any known or reported activity in your area and avoiding these locations. Should you find that you are the guest or owner of a maliciously haunted location, residence or otherwise, evacuation is highly advised.

Sometimes residential developments and other buildings are built upon areas already active, such as ancient burial grounds. If you find that you are in such an area, my advice is to gain the services of a shaman or medicine man who can communicate with the Shadow People,Ghosts or Entities.

Exorcism, in the traditional sense, is often the most traumatic and least effective way to solve the problem. Shamans, Mediums and Medicine People are trained to communicate and negotiate with these Otherworldly beings. Often, the solution is very simple, such as returning artifacts to the burial site. If no satisfactory solution can be found, exorcism is a last and risky resort.

In the event that all else fails, the individuals involved must assess the potential dangers of remaining in such an environment versus taking a loss and moving on.

Remember that the risk involved here is much more than just physical safety, which is always paramount. There are emotional and psychological tolls that must be assessed as well. When children are involved, the potential damage is significantly multiplied.

There are some homes so significantly disrupted by such hauntings that physical injury and death may be a real possibility. These are, of course, the extreme, but they do exist. Unfortunately, some structures can be very expensive, and people are understandably hesitant to leave or take such a financial loss.

The alternative can be much higher. If you are considering buying a piece of property, disclosure laws in many states now require a seller to inform a potential buyer of any para-normal problems. Aside from this, you might want to check with neighbors and other local residents about the background of the property to see if there have been any previous hauntings, if someone is known to have died on the property, or if the area is located on an ancient burial or ceremonial site; and if it is, consider buying some other property. The appearance of Shadow People could be bad.

Shadow People: Malicious ghosts and inter-dimensional beings

Generally speaking, when we experience encounters with Shadow People or the Otherworld in a place that is not known to be haunted, it may be our own fault. Malicious Shadow People,Ghosts, Demons, and Inter-dimensional Beings are attracted to us through our energy. Certain activities are known to raise our own vibrational level and energy output. In magickal acts, this is critical. When we focus our thoughts and energy on Shadow People,Spirits and Ghosts, begin talking to or about them, or engage in any activity that is designed to directly contact them, we send out an invitation that attracts and empowers them.

Those Ghosts or Shadow People who are aware of humans most usually are attracted to us by the energy we are sending out. They are curious. And they are usually malicious simply because they can be, and there is nothing the average human can do to stop them. Shadow people that areInter-dimensional Beings can channel our energy to open inter-dimensional portals, allowing them to pass through.

Some of these shadow people beings are neutral, but many of them are malicious, and come from existences that are hostile to us. So a second rule of thumb, if you want to avoid para-normal contact, is to resist the urge to tell “ghost stories”, play with Ouija boards, attend séances, or be involved in any other paranormal activities that might attract unwelcome shadow people guests.

Shadow People: Vampires and Poltergeists

Shadow people may sometimes be parasites. Sometimes we may experience an “energy leak” in our auric energy fields that attract these beings. It is believed, for instance, that poltergeist activity is empowered by the excess sexual energy of pre-pubescent girls. There can also be times when we may receive a tear in our auric field due to a trauma of some kind, with a resultant energy leak that attracts etheric vampires and other entities that may appear as shadow people. This situation can be repaired by the services of a good healer or shaman, who can seal the energy leak and repair the tear in our auric field.

Pets, Children and Ghostly Shadow People

Animals are highly perceptive of Shadow People that are Ghosts. Sudden and unusual behavior by a pet, such as growling or hiding, focused at a particular spot in a room or geographic area should be highly suspect for ghost activity. Children also are highly perceptive of the presence of Ghosts.

Often children may be the terrified victims of shadow people hauntings and the adults may not even be aware of anything unusual happening. If your child/Children have imaginary friends that they talk to, or if they have frequent nightmares, are afraid of certain places in your home, need a night light, or are unusually afraid of being alone, shadow people or ghost activity MAY be the reason. Remember, not all “Shadow People” or “Ghosts” are malicious. An “Angel from God” appearing to you would follow the same criteria and appear the same as a “Ghost”.

Shadow People – The nature of other-worldly beings.

In this section, I am going to answer many of the questions that have been posed to me about the nature and intent of these other-worldly shadow people. My answers will come from my own personal experiences and conclusions, as well as information that has been channeled through me as a result of these experiences with shadow people among other things.

In order to adequately discuss the nature of shadow people and other-worldly beings, I am going to have to break the subject of shadow people into sub-categories. These categories are going to be divided into related pairs. The pairs are as follows;

  1. Shadow People – Ghosts vs. Manifest Thought Forms
  2.  Shadow People – Earth Bound Spirits vs. Inter-Dimensional Beings
  3.  Shadow People – Real Time Experience vs. Etheric Recordings

Ghosts Versus Manifest Thought Forms

Shadow People – Ghosts

A “Spirit” is the eternal essence of a deceased mortal. Having transcended mortality, and shedding the dense, physical body, the individual consciousness or “Spirit” takes on a body composed of much higher frequency matter. We, as mortals still within the dense material world, perceive this new body as an energy field having the ability to manifest itself to some degree on the physical plane – a “Ghost”. Ghosts may be either human or animal, and each will appear in their respective shadow people form.

Ghosts, almost universally, are highly territorial, and may be attached to either a specific living person or a specific location. There may be a wide variety of reasons that explain the Ghost’s continued presence at a location; however, the most common reason is believed to be the highly emotional circumstances of his/her death.

A Ghost periodically makes its presence known by such manifestations as a significant drop in ambient air temperature; significant changes in the electro-magnetic fields in and around a specific area; perceived audient or clairaudient activity; a visible appearance of shadow people ranging from a white/dingy misty, transparent cloud to a full physical apparition that moves or floats very slowly across an area; movement of physical objects without apparent cause; and finally, by actual physical apparition or physical contact of some form with a mortal human.

For purposes of clarification, there is no “normal” or “typical” Ghost. Ghostly visitations are extremely individualistic and variable. Ghosts, like mortals, exhibit a wide range of personalities. Most Ghosts, when visible, are merely going about their business. Only a small number of Ghosts may actually be hostile enough AND powerful enough to do physical harm. The much greater possibility is that these personalities may be aggressive enough and angry enough to be dangerous, not from a physical standpoint, but from the emotional or psychological harm caused by the intense trauma of the aggressive and hostile experience.

Extreme caution should always be used in the presence of Ghosts. Remember, any Ghost that can move a physical object has tremendous power and can make physical contact with you!!!

Shadow People – Manifest Thought Form

A “Manifest Thought Form”, unlike a Ghost, has no previous mortal experience. It is an energy field that is created, programmed and empowered by a living person. Many people project their anger, their animosity, their emotions, their very life force into an etheric receptacle. They “bottle up” their thoughts and feelings, and let them constantly accumulate and intensify.

As these emotions and projections accumulate, they begin to take on a definite shape and disposition. In the early stage, this creation is small, simple and powerless, and can be controlled and even destroyed. Sorcerers have long known how to create and use Manifest Thought Forms as an instrument of their work. They are created,

programmed and dispatched against a human target as an agent of destruction. Given sufficient definition and empowerment, the Manifest Thought Form takes on a life, a consciousness of its own. No longer subject to its creator, it is now out of control, and the creator becomes powerless to destroy it. Eventually, it will begin to feed off the negative emotions of others.

Unlike a Ghost, it is not trapped by an emotional bond to a particular place. This entity will take any shape that the thoughts and emotions they are feeding off of project. This accounts for the grotesque and malformed figures and features frequently observed with this type of manifestation.

The Manifest Thought Form has no “higher level thought processes” or moral ethics. It is pure negative emotion created into a manifest energy pattern endowed with a highly negative disposition and temperament. Its sole function, devoid of any other programming, is to feed off negative human emotion, and where possible use its aggressive, hostile nature to generate more negative human emotion. It is not territorial, and contact is always unpleasant. Its behavior is highly unpredictable and ugly without provocation. A manifest thought-form may appear as shadow people.

This type of entity is also the most difficult to remove by exorcism. By the time we experience a Manifest Thought Form, it is already highly developed and powerful. This category accounts for the largest number of actual “evil” and “mischievous” contacts we may experience.

The Manifest Thought Form’s most common appearance is that of a dark misty shroud that prevails within an area, followed closely by an extremely dark, ugly floating mass or a pitch black grotesque figure or shape that may look like shadow people. There may be audient or clairaudient activity. There is always an impending sense of doom, fear or possession associated with these entities. Mechanical devices, such as clock chimes and music boxes, may inexplicable begin playing. This is a sure sign of its ability to affect the physical plane. If challenged or provoked, it will attack, usually resulting in temporary physical paralysis and intensified assault. Its ability to withstand traditional exorcism techniques is phenomenal.

The best defense against such a being is a calm, level emotional state in which your logical, conscious thought, not emotion, is in charge. It may resort to any tactic it knows to shake or rattle your will. Emotional control is the key. Remember, never be foolish enough to believe that just because it is no longer manifest at this moment, that it is gone forever.

Shadow People – Earth Bound Spirits

An Earth-bound Spirit is any spirit that, for whatever reason, is caught, trapped, or lives within the physical Earth plane. The classic example of an Earth bound spirit is the Ghost of a deceased person who lingers within the Earth plane, seemingly incapable of “moving on”.

This inability to “move on” may be accounted for in several ways. One of the most common reasons for Earth-bound Spirits is that a very powerful emotional tie exists between the spirit and another person, place or thing. This emotional

tie creates a nearly unbreakable link to this world. This tie may be the highly emotional circumstances of the person’s death, or it may simply be an obsessive emotional tie to some person, place, or thing while the individual was living.

Mothers who died in childbirth or with extremely young children frequently become Earth bound for some period of time. A spirit can also be trapped and become Earth bound by the persistence of his/her survivors. This can occur when survivors of a deceased person hold so strongly to the memories, possessions and personal articles of the deceased, that the deceased becomes a virtual prisoner.

A third reason seems to be that the deceased died so quickly that they are unaware that they have died. They are frightened and bewildered by the sudden change in their environment, but simply don’t realize or refuse to recognize that they are no longer a participant of the physical world.

Shadow People – Inter-Dimensional Beings

This is probably one of the most difficult categories to pin down. There are undoubtedly a myriad of beings that exist in the dimensions that surround us, but determining exactly which ones are earth bound and which ones cross over into our physical dimension from another dimension is highly speculative. Many may appear as typical shadow people.

Probably one of the most common shadow people contacts I have experienced is the grayish human-like silhouette normally most visible in a quiet, dim lit area and most often seen through peripheral vision. The speed of movement, if any, varies with individual sightings. The most common aspect of these contacts is that the shadow people seems totally oblivious to the viewer’s presence. The shadow people seem to simply be “passing through” our space. This is, in fact, the case. There are times when the veil between the worlds is very thin, or even overlapping. During these times, we can visually perceive energy patterns and movement within the other realms. These type of shadow people represent absolutely no threat whatsoever. You may simply acknowledge their presence and go about your business.

The second category of shadow people and inter-dimensional beings I would like to discuss are the “Curious George” type. These are the presences that you normally experience as a strong feeling that someone or something else is in the room. You can feel the movement, and possibly get a quick glance. I refer to these as the “Curious George” type because they almost universally are drawn to you by the energy that you are generating through the activity you are involved in. This activity can range from deep, heavy thought or meditation to a deep or emotional conversation or an activity or ritual which raises the energy level. They are there because you have attracted their attention. This type of shadow people being can be a curious, detached observer; a benevolent, helpful influence; or a disruptive presence. The effects of their presence is relatively limited and requires no acknowledgement at all.

The third shadow people category includes the actual Inter-Dimensional Malicious beings. During a channeling session, a question was asked about the origins of evil on Earth and whether “demons” were Earth bound or inter-dimensional beings. In response to that question, the answer came back, “The greatest evil that exists in the Universe exists in the hearts of man. This does not preclude the existence of ‘evil or malicious’ entities within the physical Earth plane or those who have access to the Earth plane through the dimensions, but mortal humans are by far the most deliberately evil and malicious beings, when motivated to be such. This statement seems to indicate to me that we are the single largest source of our own problems, not shadow people. I believe this statement to be not only a general statement of the dark side of human nature, but a statement directly connecting that dark nature with dark, malicious entities, such as Shadow People and Manifest Thought Forms.

There are chaos dimensions that have access to our physical Earth plane. Within these chaos dimensions, beings exist that have a very different energy from ours, beings whose very energy field is radically different and potentially fatal to humans. Within these dimensions, there are beings whose appetite and needs create behavior patterns we consider grotesque and malicious, but whose intentions are neither dark nor malicious. For instance, there are energy vampires who thrive on the emotional energy and life force of their victims. We consider this behavior malicious and frightful, while to them it is merely survival.

Obviously, the victim in any circumstance is left to assume the motives and intent of the assailant. It has been my experience that the universal ability of Ghosts and shadow people entities to “appear” and “disappear” sometimes makes it very difficult to differentiate an Earth bound ghost from an inter-dimensional one. Needless to say, treat all malicious ghosts and entities equal.

  1. Avoid shadow people when possible.
  2.  Always remember that shadow people have the advantage. You are going to have to meet them on their terms.
  3.  Never become combative or confrontational with shadow people. Even ordained ministers and highly trained exorcists have been badly assaulted by defiant Shadow People,Ghosts and Entities. The best advice is to get away if possible.
  4.  Do not engage in practices that might attract shadow people’s attention. I can tell you from personal experience, shadow people are never but a thought or a breath away. If you call, they will come!

Shadow People – Real-Time Experience Versus Etheric Recordings

Real-Time Experience is when you are experiencing the event as it actually occurs. In Etheric Recordings, a highly emotionally charged event is recorded on the ethers electromagnetically as it actually occurs. At times, due to a sufficiently strong etheric trigger, the event is replayed over again. This could look like shadow people.

The energy field that surrounds the Earth is essentially comprised of a material agent called Ether. This etheric substance is highly susceptible to magnetic imprint, much like the magnetic imprint on tapes that are used to program computers. The ability to imprint this ether has long been the source of power to the knowing occultist, who deliberately programs the ether to achieve a desired result.

Shadow People – Conclusion

As you can see the term shadow people can be very broad. The true nature of shadow people can really only be deducted by their appearances and behavior. It is safe to assume that the appearance of shadow people can be a bad thing. I personally have had many experiences with shadow people and can verify that.

Have you had any experiences with shadow people or variances of shadow people such as “hat man”? Please feel free to comment and share your shadow people stories.






8 responses to “Shadow People; What are they?”

  1. terry Avatar

    What is “hat man”?

    1. Bryce Baker Avatar

      See my post below. The shadow in the middle of the 3 on this articles featured image is a depiction of “Hat Man”

  2. Gill Avatar

    As far as I remember my experience with these shadow people, it was twice. First encounter; I stayed home from school when I was in the 7th grade and I went to my basement to get some ice cream with a figure standing at the far end of the hall, I grabbed my ice cream and bolted upstairs. Second encounter; I woke up early morning, around 5 am, to see a shadowy oval near my waist standing near my bed. As a teen, I kicked it away til it disappeared from my vision, I felt scared from the encounter that morning. Also, what is a “hat man”?

    1. Bryce Baker Avatar

      “Hat Man” is a shadow entity that has been seen by many people allover the world. Hat Man is usually described as a 7 foot tall shadow person that looks like it is wearing a trenchcoat and widebrim hat of some type. He differs from your run of the mill shadow people in that instead of only appearing for a few seconds or darting around he tends to be very still and for much longer periods of time almost like he is observing or staring at you. It sounds cheesey I admit, but I myself have had encounters with the “Hat Man”, and like many others my encounters with him took place long before I even knew of a “Hat Man”. When I learned many many other people had experienced the exact same thing I was shocked.

      There is alot more to it than that but I will be writing on “Hat Man” soon, and go into it further there.

      1. Ryan Mcelmurry Avatar

        I think it’s made upoup by psychotic people…I think they really do believe they see it though. I mean people such as yourself

  3. Ryan Mcelmurry Avatar

    Yeah that would be a good idea- before buying your home, go ask the neighbors if the house is haunted so you look like a paranormal freak forever after if you do buy

  4. Kevin A Avatar
    Kevin A

    I suffer from narcolepsy and sleep apnea and there were periods where I constantly saw shadow people everywhere tired early in the morning driving to work but esp late at night when I sleep. I later found out about sleep paralyisis which thankfully I don’t suffer much from anymore but did severly for years and I even thought maybe I was being abducted by aliens or what or even wondering was I going crazy. Now especially because my memory is so bad from lack of sleep its foggy and like a dream and leaves me wondering if it was real but I know I believed it 100% while it was happening and I pray I never experience it again.

  5. joanne gilmore Avatar
    joanne gilmore

    I have had a few brief experiences with shadow people and it is extremely scary. Both occurred when I was in that in- between state of consciousness half awake/ half asleep. It is accompanied by sleep paralysis. Just recently it was in my bedroom and I suddenly became cold and started to shiver uncontrollably. I began to say the Lord’s prayer repeatedly. That is all I remember.

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