The Nightmare; a Sleep Paralysis Documentary

What is Sleep Paralysis?

Imagine being forced out of sleep and wide awake only to find you cannot move so much as an eyeball. A presence so strong and imposing makes it difficult or impossible for you to breathe. You see dark shadowy figures looming over you menacingly and you fear for your life or even worse. This is ‘Sleep Paralysis’, a medically documented sleep disorder millions suffer from with many strange elements.

A Sleep Paralysis Documentary

Poster for The Nightmare; A documentary on ‘Sleep Paralysis’

The Nightmare is a documentary that explores the disturbing phenomenon of ‘Sleep Paralysis’ through the eyes of eight different individuals who suffer from it, The similarities of each of these people’s experiences illustrates the strange and disturbing nature of ‘Sleep Paralysis’. The recurrences of ‘Shadow People’ and figures resembling ‘Hat Man’ draw into question whether ‘Sleep Paralysis’ is really nothing more than a sleep disorder, or if there is something supernatural at work.

The Nightmare is a serious documentary involving real people and a very real phenomenon. This film digs deep into the phenomenon of ‘Sleep Paralysis’  with disturbing details and how it has affected those who suffer from it. The disturbing nature of the subject matter The Nightmare is being called documentary-horror by some.

If you suffer from ‘Sleep Paralysis’ yourself, and want to know more about it you can go ahead and read this article from Laweekly talking about the benefits of using CBD products, or just enjoy horror films then The Nightmare is definitely worth watching. This is a very in-depth film about a very disturbing phenomenon and is by far the best crack at a sleep paralysis documentary I have seen so far.

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