Strange Iridescent Cloud Seen By Thousands Over Costa Rica

A multi-colored dome shaped iridescent cloud was sighted by thousands of witnesses in the skies above Costa Rica recently, leaving residents in awe. The cloud was seen by countless witnesses in the skies above Parrita, Pavas, Escazu, Hatillo and San Jose.

Many of the witnesses took photos of the strange phenomenon and posted them to social media. Many theories have emerged on what may have caused this mysterious light show such as UFOs and aliens.

Meteorologists are saying that the phenomenon is likely caused by something called “cloud iridescence”. They claim the colorful luminescence is caused by the sun’s light being refracted by water droplets and ice crystals inside of a cloud.

cloud-iridescence However ice crystals are not the only thing that can refract light inside of a cloud. Due to the strange formation of the cloud it seems likely that the clouds shape and iridescence could be caused by chemicals released into the atmosphere. Chemicals used for projects such as weather modification and geoengineering, the kind that also cause “chemtrails”.

Much like the presence of oil inside of a mud puddle in a parking lot causes a rainbow colored iridescent sheen to the water, chemicals dispersed into the air can cause similar effects in clouds.

This news precedes other recent strange atmospheric events such as images of a city floating in the clouds above highly populated areas of China that were recently witnessed by thousands. Could these events be connected? It is certainly a strange coincidence.

Check out the video below for footage and pictures:

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