Strange Lights Streak Across Western U.S. Skies

Thousands of people in Las Vegas, Sacramento, Los Angeles and even Utah have witnessed two mysterious lights streaking across the skies side by side. This occurred on the night of the 27th and lasted about 30 seconds.

Nobody really knows what these lights really are despite many news outlets reporting different sources of this phenomenon. According to a local TV station in the area, the lights could be boosters from a Chinese satellite being launched. Still other news sources are claiming these lights were meteors. Despite claims made by media that is quick to provide explanations, nobody really knows what is going on. Drudge is questioning whether or not this has something to do with a secret Chinese satellite hunting weapon being deployed.

Some witnesses are refusing to accept the explanations being tossed around, claiming that they believe this is a UFO. One witness points out that the objects changed color several times. Others claim the objects changed trajectory.





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