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  • EPA Tells Bridgeton, MO Nuclear Waste Fire Under Control

    A landfill smolders less than a football field’s distance from World War II era weapons grade nuclear waste dump in Bridgeton, Mo, After a large city council meeting where a fire official expressed concerns over the fire, residents are concerned. A Pattonville Fire District official is now saying new infrared video of the landfill shows […]

  • Hornet Spook Light

    Hornet Spook Light

    The Ozarks, thousands of sprawling acres of scenic beauty and packed full of Indian and colorful local legend, is reviving one of its oldest phenomena- the “ghost lights”.

  • Did the Military Battle with UFOs Over Southeast Missouri?

    Did the Military Battle with UFOs Over Southeast Missouri?

    Recently declassified government “Project Blue Book” documents detail a UFO sighting on Sept. 19,1950 by several Malden, New Madrid and Poplar Bluff, Missouri residents that was followed across Southeast Missouri by two military F-51 fighter planes. This was followed by what was called a meteor explosion and a military F2H Banshee jet crashing into a […]

  • Missouri’s Drug Task Forces: Criminal and Dangerous

    A report published this month (Feb. 2015) documents the above the law attitudes and culture of misconduct among the federally funded and highly militarized Drug Task Forces of Missouri. The report is titled “Secret, Dangerous, and Unaccountable: Exploring Patterns of Misconduct in Missouri’s Drug Task Forces” and was written by Aaron Malin, Show-Me Cannabis Director […]