Ten Explanations For UFOs Stranger Than Aliens

Are UFOs Aliens?

Many of us think of extraterrestrials right off the bat when we think of UFOs. But are UFOs necessarily aliens from another planet? There are actually plenty of other explanations for UFOs that are just as weird as exraterrestrials if not weirder. Here we look at ten of the stranger explanations for UFOs, skipping things like swamp gas or weather balloons and getting right to the good stuff.

Shadow Government

There are some disturbing indications that secret groups of elites and ancient secret societies are really pulling the strings behind the scenes. Banks and corporations fuel economies and keep world leaders in their pockets using them as puppets.

Behind all the nations and their bickering are the puppeteers using the distractions and squabbles to sink an unthinkable amount of wealth into the military industrial complex and black projects that transcend the boundaries of nations. The secret true power structure of government exclusive to all but the mega rich and powerful.

UFOs could be a hint of the technology much more advanced than any single nation would posses. Perhaps the elite have secret technology they use to maintain world domination and secret power structure. Black projects yielding secret propulsion technology and power sources that allow for an aircraft to travel at high velocity,undetected and maneuver far beyond anything what we think of as modern aircraft can do.

Perhaps shadowy factions of elite groups such as the illuminati wage war against each other in the skies above us as we wait below for the victor to truly enslave us once and for all.

Breakaway Civilizations

What if an advanced human civilization for self preservation or more nefarious reasons went into hiding and broke away from the rest of the earth’s civilizations a long time ago? Large portions of the land on our planet is still unexplored leaving plenty of room for a more organized and advanced civilization to hide.

There is a lot of evidence suggesting that a large trade network and highly advanced society of monument builders existed all across this planet at one time. Pyramids and similar monuments are found everywhere, many mysteriously left abandoned.

The old stories about Atlantis sinking into the sea could be a reference to an ancient civilization like this going into hiding to protect its secrets and well being. If such a civilization did retreat into the sea it would have no shortage of places to hide from the rest of us seeing as how 90% of the undersea world is unexplored.

Could UFOs that are very commonly seen rising out of and going in to the sea actually be from a highly advanced ancient civilization like Atlantis?

Maybe this ancient civilization controls most of the worlds resources quietly under the sea leaving hunger, overpopulation, war and ignorance for the poor primitive savages above.

Time Travelers

There are some that believe UFOs, at least in part are actually travelers from the distant future ..or distant past. UFOs that are seen phasing in and out of existence and zipping across our skies could be us passively observing ourselves from the future.

The common pale , large eyed greys that are associated with many sightings could be highly evolved humans from the future. Or perhaps another evolved species from earth’s future or very distant past touring earth much like we would a history museum.

Perhaps they are here just to observe and learn, or maybe they are here to avert some disaster and change the past. Maybe an antedeluvian race that preceded our own is visiting us from the past and trying to influence us or teach us lessons that they themselves learned a little to late in the game.

Earth Lights

Earth lights are common in some areas, many ghost lights and spook lights such as the hornet spook light are thought to be caused by geological anomalies. Lights are often seen before and during earthquakes and have been documented on many occasions. These lights could be caused by

geologically caused disruptions in the electromagnetic field of the earth, or possibly by energy discharge

caused by high tension fault lines and pressures within the earth.

During the New Madrid earthquakes of 1812 there were numerous strange lights seen by numerous witnesses allover the area. These sorts of sightings are very consistent with UFO sightings today. Not only were strange lights seen but a rise in strange activity such as magnetic anomalies, strange mists, witch hunts and strange creatures were reported. This lends to the theory that there may be more to the earth light phenomena. You can read about the strange events during the New Madrid earthquakes of 1812 here.

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Interdimensional Beings

Scientists say that there are several dimensions of existence other than our own. In fact physicists at CERN are hoping to make contact with other dimensions right now using the large hadron collider.

The interdimensional hyopthesis is an idea promoted by ufologists such as Jacques Valle that claims UFOs and other related events are visitations from other realities or dimensions that coexist seperately alongside our own. The interdimensional hypothesis also claims that UFOs are a modern manifestation of the same type of events recorded throughout human history that were in ancient times ascribed to mythological or supernatural creatures.

Many UFOs demonstrate an uncanny ability to appear and disappear from sight and even radar, this could very well be because they are phasing in and out of our dimension. Also it has been pointed out by authors like John Keel that “the UFO phenomenon simply does not behave like extraterrestrial visitors.”

Plasma Based Life Forms

It is possible that UFOs are actually a different type of life form. All of the life we know about is carbon based. There are some hypothetical types of life forms that scientists believe could exist. One of those hypothetical types of life are plasma based lifeforms.

Vadim N. Tsytovich proposed that lifelike behaviors could be exhibited by dust particles suspended in a plasma, under conditions that exist in space. Computer models showed that, when the dust became charged, the particles could self-organize into microscopic helical structures capable of replicating themselves, interacting with other neighboring structures, and evolving into more stable forms. Similar forms of life were described in Fred Hoyle’s classic novel The Black Cloud.

Other scientists fabricated plasma spheres in the laboratory that can grow, replicate and communicate thus fulfilling most of the requirements for biological cells. They are convinced that these plasma spheres offer a radically new explanation of how life began and proposed that they were precursors to biological evolution.

Another scientist Harvey Rutledge head of the physics department at Southeast Missouri State University conducted scientific tests and measurements on UFOs during a UFO flap in the 70s. He observed these UFOs himself and under strict scientific process measured how far away they were, how big they were and other things. He found that most but not all the UFOs were orange orbs probably about the size of a football that responded to stimuli, and even displayed intelligence. He claimed he even had one follow him into his laboratory. Dr. Rutledge said he thought the objects were actually plasma based lifeforms in his book Project Identification.

If UFOs are plasma based life forms they likely operate on a very different level than we carbon based lifeforms do. It is not hard to imagine highly intelligent lifeforms such as this existing on earth right alongside us without us noticing, as they would not compete with us for food and interaction between us would almost never be necessary.

Nazi UFO Anti-Gravity Technology

When World War 2 came to an end scientists fled and were recruited by other governments, their labs were cleaned out leaving little behind. Hitler’s death was more than questionable. Some say the Nazis expected the war to end this way and escaped with the loot of great wealth their warmongering produced, along with the highly advanced research they used it on.

One German newspaper headline said that the Nazis had discovered an entrance to another world inside the earth, but later little more was said of it. After the war the allies discovered the treasury in Berlin had been completely cleaned out and a handful of submarines were missing. A little later one of the submarines and its crew were captured near Antarctica. Upon interrogation the captain and crew told their captors that a secret underground base had been established in Antarctica and that Hitler was there, he and his crew were bringing supplies to the base.

During the war UFOs became common, the allied pilots called them Foo-Fighters and they believed the strange craft they saw following and out maneuvering their airplanes were secret Nazi anti-gravity craft. Their in fact is evidence suggesting that the Nazis were working on UFO technology. You can read about this in great detail in this article entitled Nazi UFOs, Antarctica and the Hollow Earth.

Maybe the Nazi party is still out there with all the wealth its blitzkrieg tactics brought it, in some advanced military city state now populated by blonde haired and blue eyed genetically engineered aryan master race resembling the “Nordic” aliens so many report in abduction cases. Perhaps they are conducting research down there and fueling it all with stakes in biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical corporations.

Cryptoterrestrials & Ultraterrestrials

What if we share the planet with another intelligent species that has been here much longer than us? Much like the legendary ant people of the Hopi, who supposedly saved them from disaster by leading them through the wilderness in a cloud by day and a twinkling star at night. According to the Hopi the ant people live in a subterranean realm deep in the earth and are much older than human surface dwellers.

There are many such stories and legends across all cultures and allover the world. When you consider how vast and unexplored our oceans are not to mention caverns and underground, it really does not seem that far fetched.

Are the “aliens” associated with UFOs actually another hidden species of earthling that has been here the whole time quietly watching us?

Demons & Angels

Many people have theorized that UFOs are actually the manifestations of demons and the forces of evil that many religions prophecise will encroach on earth in the end days. Just llke how the bible tells of fallen angels or demons copulating with human females to create hybrids we hear tales today of abduction and hybrid breeding programs.

In christianity Satan or Lucifer knows that he will be imprisoned and in the end days he will make his best last ditch effort to corrupt as many human souls as possible. This is why UFO activity could be increasing these days.

The bible is full of references about wheels and fire in the sky, gyroscopes that inspired the invention of the actual gyros used in spacecraft today. The bible also spoke of the nephilim hybrid giants that prior to the flood were committing crimes against the animals and the poisoning the land, much like the cattle mutilations, abductions and scorched radioactive landing sites we see in UFO events today.

Maybe these mutilations and abductions are a result of demonic experiments to create synthetic physical bodies for Satan’s army to use in the battle of armageddon. Maybe the increase of UFO we are seeing is an apocalyptic sign of the end times and a massive war over earth is about to take place leaving us helpless bystanders.

Project Blue Beam

Some people believe that the government or a group of governments is experimenting with projection technology to simulate religious events like the second coming in order to harness the psychological power of being able to control such an event.

Events like the Norway Spiral and more recently the floating city witnessed in the sky above China were thought to be experiments of Project Blue Beam.

Do the powers that be want to control our minds by controlling our religions? The tactic would work disturbingly well if pulled off correctly. People would fall to their knees and basically enslave themselves by forfeiting their will to their messiah, doing without question whatever it asked of them

Other Explanations for UFOs

There are lots of other explanations for UFOs. If you know of anything that wasn’t covered here, or maybe more about something that was please feel free to comment, I would love to hear it.

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