The earth’s magnetic poles are shifting drastically

According to NOAA ( National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ), the North Pole is rapidly moving towards Siberia. The shifting effect is so drastic that maps of the earth’s magnetic field are in dire need of update. These maps are used for navigational purposes and if left the way they are, there could be serious navigational issues worldwide.

For the last 20 years the magnetic poles have changed more rapidly than ever before. The recent shifting seems to be accelerating. To some this is quite alarming. The earth’s magnetic field is what protects us from solar winds and dangerous types of radiation.

NOAA has said they believe strange electromagnetic pulses originating from under South America have caused these drastic changes to the earth’s magnetic poles.

There are many who have been expecting a magnetic pole reversal to happen for many years now. Could this recent erratic magnetic field activity confirm their fears? Needless to say a magnetic pole reversal would be catastrophic and would leave the world and society as we know it in an apocalyptic state.






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