Thermal Scan Reveals Strange Heat Signature Inside Pyramid

Recently thermal scanning in the Giza pyramids of Egypt has revealed some very strange heat anomalies inside the structures. These pyramids are at least 4,500 years old and seem to be generating heat within them.

Egypt’s Antiquities Minister says the higher temperatures are mostly being detected at the bottom of the pyramids with a particularly impressive anomaly located on the Eastern side of the Khufu pyramid. The

heat signature in pyramid
Three bricks at the bottom of the Khufu pyramid showing a very strange heat signature.

Antiquities Minister commented saying

“there is something like a small passage in the ground that you can see, leading up to the pyramids ground, reaching an area with a different temperature. What will be behind it?”

It has long been theorized that the massive Giza pyramids were not built for burial purposes as commonly believed. Instead they are very ancient power generators built by a highly advanced civilization more than 10,0000 years ago.

The recent discovery of these strange heat signatures inside the Khufu (also known as Cheops) pyramid could very well be faint energies still generated by what is possibly deactivated power generators once used by a highly advanced civilization that existed on earth at one time.

This discovery could be the signal of a new era in Egyptology.

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