Thousands Witness Floating City In Sky Above China

Thousands of people witnessed what appeared to be a floating city in the clouds above Guangdong, China. Then only days later hundreds reported seeing a similar city in the sky above Jianxi, China.

Similar incidents also took place in 2011. The notion that this could be something like another dimension phasing into ours allowing a glimpse of it. However weather experts have simply called it a mirage due to the bending of light.

City seen in clouds above china.
A captured image of the floating city seen in the clouds above China.

It is fairly obvious that this is likely not any kind of natural phenomena,due to the massive nature of what we see happening here.

Many have speculated that this phenomena is part of project blue beam; a supposed high level psychological warfare technology. It is thought that the ultimate purpose of project blue beam is to use projected images to deceive the masses into believing they are seeing religious figures, or world changing events.

This is probably some sort of projection technology some students are playing with. Maybe some corporation or government agency testing, or just a flexing of muscle. Personally I do not think this is another dimension or aliens we are seeing, rather just humans trying to mess with other humans’ heads. Regardless of what it is, or who, this phenomena definitely qualifies as strange and interesting.

Watch the video:

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2 responses to “Thousands Witness Floating City In Sky Above China”

  1. John Avatar

    The most spectacular phenomena in human history,.

    Films 3 seconds of it..

  2. chicken guy Avatar

    There is an long term ongoing effort by the black ops government to deceive people into thinking there is an alien threat. Including the use of holograms, craft using ET technology, abductions, costumes, drugs etc.. They even have a lot to do with movie scripts which depict aliens as evil and a threat to humanity. How do you grow the military industrial complex? Find a bigger enemy.
    Surprised? Don’t be. The U.S. was willing to murder thousands of their own people when they blew up the world trade centers and blamed it on terrorist. Everyone was more than willing to go to war after that which was good news for the oil people who only wanted to go to war for the oil. ET visitors are completely peaceful. They do not abduct. How do you tell the difference? Man made ufo’s have seams and nuts, bolts. Real ET craft do not.

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