Time To investigate The Alien Megastructures

Recently scientists announced they had discovered a strange star in their search for habitable planets. This weird star had much more interesting things around it than a planet, huge megastructures unlike anything ever seen before that could very well be alien in origin. Read more about the possible discovery of alien megastructures here.

The news has come with alot of skepticism by many. At the same time many are inspired by the discovery and the possibilities it shows us. If ever there were something worth looking closer at, it seems that these megastructures along with their possible implications about life in the universe not to mention technology would be it.

Dyson Sphere
Alien Megastructure or Dyson Sphere.

Breakthrough Initiatives

Yuri Milner,a Russian billionaire and Stephen Hawking recently announced a $100 million breakthrough initiative to dramatically accelerate the search for extraterrestrial intelligence in the universe. The 10 year project will supposedly increase the capabilities of the search for extra terrestrial life 10 fold.

Prior to this initiative the search for extraterrestrial intelligence relied on antiquated methods of searching for radio signals. Largely underfunded and done mostly by volunteers.

The project’s collected data will be open to the public and everyone will have access to it. This will increase the possibility of detection by harnessing the problem solving power of social media.

This breakthrough initiative comes in light of the recent discoveries of potentially habitable planets in surprisingly large numbers. Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees commented on this.

“The chance of finding life has risen a billion-fold when we realized that Earth-like planets are not rare, but that there are literally billions of them just within our own galaxy,”

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Potentially Habitable Planets
Potentially habitable exoplanets found so far.

The initiative will be the biggest scientific search ever attempted for signs of intelligent life.

The search for intelligent life in the universe will now be done with access to two of the world’s most powerful telescopes.

The equipment used will be 50 times more sensitive than any used by previous SETI researchers.

The program will cover 10 times more sky than previous programs could.

5 times more of the radio spectrum will be scanned 100 times faster than previously.

The program will now search for optical laser transmissions. Equipment will be sensitive enough to detect a 100 watt laser.

How about taking a look at KIC 8462852 guys?

Maybe an extra long look. Regardless of whether or not the consensus is that anything would come of it. Announcing the intention to take a deep look at KIC 8462582 promptly could really do a lot to stir up public interest and support in the project. Even if nothing is found the prompt response at investigating the elephant in the room as the public sees it would really draw a lot of interest and popularity.

KIC 8462852 and companion star.
KIC 8462852 and companion star for comparison.

If the alien megastructures turn out not to be any product of some extraterrestrial intelligence and breakthrough initiative were the ones to come out and say it, even the skeptics would turn to them when the next anomaly rears its head.

If breakthrough initiatives is not investigating KIC 8462852 right now, they really should be.

If you think breakthrough initiatives should be on the strange megastructures around KIC 8462852 like white on rice, send an email and let them know office@breakthroughprize.org and comment below.







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