Titanium Ball Oozing Biological Matter Found In Upper Atmosphere

A very tiny titanium sphere found in earth’s stratosphere oozing a gooey biological substance is being used as a possible example of panspermia (seeding of life throughout the universe by an unknown alien civilzation) by the University of Sheffield and the University of Buckingham. The man who found the strange sphere Dr. Milton Wainwright claims the substance oozing out of the titanium sphere is biological and could very well be a colony of microorganisms. Dr. Wainwright said:

“The sphere made an impact crater on the sampling stub. This proves beyond doubt that the particle was travelling at speed from space when it was sampled.”

Having examined the sphere using X-ray analysis it was concluded the sphere is made from titanium, but the outside appears to be some sort of interwoven fungi or as he put it:

“a fungus-like knitted mat-like covering”

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The tiny titanium sphere found speeding through the stratosphere oozing some biological substance.


While the prospect of this metal sphere being evidence supporting panspermia is exciting, it is one that ignores the other possibilities. Isn’t it just as likely that the metal sphere found over 16 miles above the earth is something more malevolent in nature?

Perhaps this is some sort of extraterrestrial biological warfare or pesticide to quietly rid the planet of a human infestation. Or perhaps it is not extraterrestrial at all, but part of some secret population control or geoengineering project of the global elites’. Maybe this metal sphere covered in a woven fungus like fiber can shed light on what some claim to suffer from having the mysterious Morgellons Disease?

The metal sphere is certainly a strange discovery, but it seems as if conclusions were hastily made about its nature.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2955620/Did-aliens-send-metal-orb-seed-life-Earth-Microscopic-sphere-contain-microorganisms-claims-astrobiologist.html#ixzz3V0MI4GQn





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