Low Cost UFO Surveillance: The Best Way

There has been a lot of talk lately about the new software called UFO Detector, which allows you to repurpose an old computer to watch the skies for UFOs using USB cameras. UFO Detector is however not the only software that can be used for this purpose, and by no means the best.

If you have some old computers and web cameras laying around you can now put them to use monitoring the skies for UFOs 24/7 at little to no cost. If a lot of people did dust off their old PCs and aimed their USB cameras at the skies in search of UFOs then the amount of evidence collected on UFOs would likely increase exponentially worldwide.

UFO Detector

UFO Detector is free, open source software that allows anyone with access to a Windows PC to constantly monitor the skies in search of unidentified flying objects. A USB camera aimed at the sky with UFO Detector running will scan the skies for UFOs and record any anomalies it sees. You can then submit the video to be analyzed by the UFO Detector community. UFO Detector software can be set to only scan designated sections of the screen (the sky). UFO Detector software can also supposedly distinguish between airplanes, birds and UFOs, only recording UFOs.

UFO Detector is in beta testing at the moment and sports a simple interface. It has a few settings you can tweak and only seems to support USB cameras. UFO Detector’s simple interface and ease of use may be desirable to some UFO hunters.

You can get UFO Detector here.

UFO Detector Alternatives

While the idea of keeping cameras trained on the skies constantly in search of UFOs is most definitely a noble one, there are at the moment probably better ways to do it.

As mentioned above UFO Detector is a fairly simple program that is still in testing. At the moment UFO Detector only seems to support USB cameras and does not offer many options or room for customization. The more serious UFO hunter may opt to use some of the other vastly superior surveillance platforms available.

There are in fact more than a few options when it comes to surveillance software that would serve the purpose of UFO hunting much more effectively than UFO Detector. Being able to use not only USB cameras, but network cameras and just about any other type of camera would be a major perk to a serious UFO hunter. Multiple video feeds, extensive types of speed, motion, size, and shape detection could also make UFO hunting a much more rewarding endeavor.


One such alternative to UFO Detector would be iSpy. iSpy like UFO Detector is a free and open source surveillance platform you can use for anything including UFO hunting. You can use iSpy with almost any camera or video feed or even multiple cameras. Support for many types of motion detection based on speed, shape, size, area of the screen are offered by iSpy and its customization is extensive. The different settings and options are so vast that there is no way I could mention them all here. There is absolutely no doubt that iSpy is a far more effective software for not only UFO hunting but ghost, bigfoot, lizardman and burglar hunting as well. You can easily customize iSpy to detect UFOs just as effectively if not more than UFO Detector. This software will even capture preview frames at the moment of maximum movement to better help you sort through files for potential big captures.

It is no doubt a good thing that the idea of repurposing old PCs to hunt for UFOs has been brought to peoples attention with a program like UFO Detector. But if someone is really serious about capturing UFOs then a program like iSpy is hands down a better option. Thankfully there are simpler programs like UFO Detector that could draw interest to the idea and simplify the experience to newcomers.

You can get iSpy here.

A New Hobby: UFO Surveillance

UFO surveillance is now a very affordable hobby for those truly passionate about UFOs. If all we need to do is dust off our rusty old PCs and plug a camera into them to be able to watch and record the skies around the clock, then why wouldn’t we all start doing it? Just imagine if only a fraction of us who are interested in UFOs started watching the skies this way while we are at work or sleeping how much evidence would come to light. If enough of us did this not only would there be much more evidence but there would likely be multiple captures of the same objects which would make the phenomena much harder to deny. My challenge to yo us all is to get out that old PC and give it a try.






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