Yellowstone Super Volcano Could Blow Any Day Now

Recently a large crack opened up overnight in Wyoming, not far from Yellowstone National Park and the apocalyptic super volcano that sleeps beneath it. This crack has led to a lot of speculation about this being a sign that the Yellowstone super volcano is ready to blow.

crack in wyoming
Crack that recently opened up in the ground in Wyoming, near Yellowstone.

The truth is that Yellowstone’s super volcano is about 40,000 years overdue for eruption. The ground is 74cm higher in Yellowstone than it was in 1923, and over the last 10 years or so their has been many disturbing changes.

I worked in Yellowstone National Park about 13 years ago. As a park employee you learn a lot of things that is not told to the tourists. For instance the geyser known as Old Faithful is not so faithful anymore and it hasn’t been for about 20 years, it can erupt anywhere from every 15 minutes to as long as an hour. In fact Old Faithful does not even spew out of the same hole that it used to, they had to drill an alternate hole for it. Almost all of the geysers activity there in the geyser basin are now unpredictable compared to how they used to be.

I will never forget waking up to check the orange traffic cone in the parking lot we put over the small abyssal steaming hole in a parking space. The cone would completely melt under the steam coming out of the black hole every 3 or 4 days and we had to replace it with a new one. We were told not to ask questions about that or even talk about it, especially with the tourists. We just made sure never to let anyone park there in fear of the parking lot caving in and swallowing a tourists car.

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Their were always geology students out on the geyser basin watching the geysers, if you talked to one they always had doomsday prophecies. The whole place was overdue to blow and could go any day now the geyser gazers would say.

Since then the warning signs have grown more severe and frequent. Now land nearby is expanding and cracking as the pressure builds beneath Yellowstone and the apocalyptic sleeping giant stirs.

When the Yellowstone super volcano does blow, it will be destructive in a way we have never seen for thousands of generations. 60% of the United States or more will be covered in several feet of hot ash and we will likely experience a night lasting for months or years. Those unfortunate enough to be within several hundred miles of the super volcano when it blows will never know what hit them, as the initial explosion of hot gas will disintegrate them in milliseconds.

Yellowstone volcano map
Projected effects of Yellowstone super volcano eruption.

All signs are pointing to this horrible day drawing uncomfortably nearer and nearer. If Yellowstone does blow our country will be changed forever, if it survives. You can be sure that you will not have much warning, as the information that could potentially scare anyone over what is considered the inevitable is conveniently kept quiet so that tourism can continue as normal.






2 responses to “Yellowstone Super Volcano Could Blow Any Day Now”

  1. Vailhem Avatar

    Seems like a spot terrorists might find interesting… …wonder how much explosive force would be necessary to set it off?

    1. Bryce Baker Avatar

      When the hotel there was first built in the 1800’s they supposedly ran a pipe down from a geyser on a nearby mountaintop, a big earthquake hit the hotel a few days later and they took the pipe down and scrambled up the mountain with buckets to fill the geyser back up. That is how touchy the complex plumbing of the Old Faithful geyser basin is, all that water that spews up out of the ground is heated by the pressurized sea of lava just below waiting to go.

      It would be a big longshot for someone to take since the area is so sparsely populated, but I doubt it would take much right out there on the basin which caps the whole thing off.

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